Do IB schools facilitate holistic and better learning experiences?

Children require an environment of balanced learning and interesting opportunities to help them reach their best potential. IB schools, such as the prestigious MIT Gurukul in Pune, are well-suited for this purpose because they leave no stone unturned to provide holistic and better learning experiences. Here are a few points that explain why:

IB schools offer a balanced curriculum:

IB syllabus schools follow a different curriculum than the rigid syllabus taught in other public and private schools of the country. The curriculum is set in such a manner that it covers a wide range of subjects, teaches students core values and at the same time, maintains an impressive balance between academics and co-curricular activities. The concepts that are introduced are well-connected and therefore, it helps the students to gain a deeper knowledge of the subjects. Their ability to analyze improves and it boosts their interest in studies and extracurricular activities. This analytical skill helps them to achieve high grades, excellent academic record and teaches them to handle ‘real life situations’ too.

Opportunity to learn from highly skilled teachers:

The International Baccalaureate syllabus requires teachers to be skilled and trained periodically because improvements and alterations are made to the IB curriculum quite often. The teachers provide high-quality education to students, and a lot of personal interaction is encouraged during learning. Therefore, instead of only learning facts and grasping new data daily, students are always advised to approach their instructors to clear doubts, delve more deeply into a subject of interest and develop critical thinking skills. MIT Gurukul follows this methodology of interaction between teachers and students along with a practice-based pedagogy.

A learning space filled with diversity:

The top international schools in Pune and other parts of India have an environment with a lot of diversity. This is because children learn to grow and communicate better when they grow up among people from different backgrounds. They realize the importance of treating each other equally. IB schools aim to instill qualities of love, care and respect in the minds of students. They have classrooms with teachers and children from multiple cultural backgrounds. MIT Gurukul has students from more than 20 countries studying on its campus every year. They interact with each other, learn about their history and develop an interest in new languages. Moreover, the cultural awareness that IB schools like MIT Gurukul facilitate helps children to communicate effectively without feeling uneasy or hesitant. They do not fear asking questions or giving a voice to their opinion. In a global economy, this sense of confidence combined with a deep knowledge of global events and ideas prepares students for exciting opportunities and career prospects.

Focus on individual talents for a holistic learning experience:

Every child is unique and possesses many skills. It is important to provide students with opportunities to showcase their talents. As a result, the best schools in Pune arrange special classes and cultural programmes throughout the year. They host talent competitions where various skills are showcased, including singing, dancing, elocution, painting, and writing. These opportunities help their creative juices flow and bring them closer to their dreams. Gaming events are also planned to refresh the minds of the students, maintain fitness and develop a spirit of sportsmanship. IB schools provide wonderful chances to hone the talents of their students. Due to the diversity in culture and nationality found in such schools, different kinds of talents are showcased, and fresh ideas are introduced. During such programs, when children are busy working on their individual skills and interests, they get exposed to new skills and learn to work together in unison. These experiences help foster new friendships in the learning space and develop a better sense of coordination.

Taking these points into consideration, we see that IB schools offer a balanced curriculum not only for academic learning but also for the overall growth of their students. Therefore, they undoubtedly facilitate holistic and better learning experiences which help their students excel in life. To know about the details of our curriculum and our teaching methodology, plus other ways in which we enrich our students’ learning, please visit our website at

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