MIT Vishwashanti Gurukul ISRO Exhibition

111th ISRO Space Exhibition

The first day of the 111th ISRO Space Exhibition, hosted by the Indo Science Education Trust, Samvit, and Vishwashanti Gurukul World School, commenced with a fervent invocation of peace and unity. The event started with a warm welcome to esteemed guests and attendees, emphasizing the event’s significance in promoting scientific awareness and collaboration. 

A felicitation ceremony honoured the distinguished guests for their significant contributions to space science and education. The Chief Guest, Dr Sudheer Kumar, Director of Capacity Building Programme Office at the ISRO headquarters, spoke about the importance of an inquisitive mind, hard-work and being true to oneself in the pursuit of knowledge and the passion to reach the stars.

Inspirational speeches by Dr. Arvind Shaligram, Director of ISRO-SPPU Space technology Centre and CEO of SPPU Research Park foundation, Dr. A K Sinha, ISRO Focul point and Project head, Mr. Vishnu B Lal, Group Director at Vibram Sarabhai Space Centre, Mrs. Nivedita Madkikar, proud receiver of prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award in the field of education, Mr. Satish Rao, a space scientist and Mr. Santosh Pise, founder and President of Indo Science Education Trust (ISET) highlighted their passion and profound impact on space technology and education.

One of the highlights was the demo presentation of WEMOSAT by Mr. Satish Rao and Mr. Santosh Pise. This demonstration showcased cutting-edge advancements in space technology, providing attendees with a glimpse into the future of space exploration.

The students from grade 4 to 11 were guided by the space scientists of ISET to make working and static models of satellites, International Space station, GSLV, PSLV and Chandrayaan etc. The students were proud of their exhibits and confidently answered the questions put up by the visitors. The exhibition was visited by the students of Euro school, The Bishop’s School, Shivaji School, VPMS, ZP School, Savitribai Phule School, MVM Panditrao Aagashe, Mount Litera School, and Aerospace Junior College.

In conclusion, the 111th ISRO Space Exhibition served as a platform for collaboration, learning, and inspiration. Through insightful speeches, demonstrations, and acknowledgments, the event reinforced the importance of scientific curiosity and collaboration in advancing space exploration and education.