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“Be unique. Be bold. Be you.” The Fashion Statement

In the 21st century fashion has become a household name. It dominates the world more than ever, and control not only the way people dress but also the way people feel and enact.
Nowadays, fashion is bold and daring, and this reflects a noughties generation that is not afraid to say what they think, or wear what they want. Fashion is not just a means of clothing, it is the essence of your personality and beliefs, and designers are well aware of the power they hold.
Trends in fashion unify women and men around the world, yet they still allow people the ability to portray their own individual style with ease. We still reflect and remember era’s with the way people carried out themself, like the elegance and sophisticated Victorian era, Oor the following 40s, 50s and the 60s – they showed people were ready for a change and wanted to explore the unknown realms of fashion world, to current 21st century where fashion defines boundaries, religion, caste or creed. It stands with a whole universe within.
Fashion has changed from one second to the next, but what never changes is the hold it has over society, and the role it plays in the modern world.
In this contemporary epoch where modernization has come into play with advancement in technology and change in the thinking of people, fashion has become a status symbol in society. Moreover, the improvement in the production of raw material, exposure to experimenting with different elements of fashion, has created a need of new designs.
The youth of today is greatly influenced by the movies especially by the fashion being followed by the stars like the clothes, the hairstyles, shoes & other elements. They try to copy that and overtime, the trend followed by the majority of people becomes the catch of that particular time-period. It not only defines the person’s individuality but his intelligence of keeping up with the world.
It has provided a way to incorporate and opened the doors to numerous opportunities for a number of professionals into one set where creative designers, raw material producers, hair stylists, make-up artists and other fashion designers lead this group.
In a nutshell, fashion defines the personality of a person. Remember, it’s not about what you wear, but how you wear it.
A simple dress can become an over night sensation if worn the right way or a costly attire can waste all efforts if not worn correctly, It is more than just clothing’s. It helps you define yourself, your choices with your comfort. Set your own boundaries, the right elegant way or explore the bold sense of fashion just the right way. Re-invent yourself.
Be more than just an individual. Be unique. Be bold. Be you.
Activity 1
What Is Croquis in Fashion?
Croquis means “sketch” in French. In the world of fashion design, a croquis is a quick sketch of a fashion figure. The word can also refer to the practice of drawing live models. Croquis drawings are minimalist in style and serve as a blank canvas for drawing clothing.
The upcoming activity
  • Guest lecture by Ms. Ayushi Jain – Perusing her Fashion Design from NIFT Mumbai. Recently she has been a part of “Lavi” for her apprentice for hand bags design. 21st September Tuesday.
  • T- Shirts Quotes for September.