The Bookworm’s Bureau Club

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“Today a reader, tomorrow a leader.” – Margaret Fuller

Who are we?

The Bookworm’s Bureau is the ‘Readers and Writers Club’ of MIT Vishwashanti Gurukul. The aim of the club is to inculcate the reading habit in students. It will serve as a space for the learners to promote their love for language and literature, a platform to discuss and critique books, to explore their interest in developing skills in reading and writing, and grow as a community of book-lovers.

What is our purpose?

There are numerous benefits that students can garner being a member of the book club. It introduces young minds to the world of academia and instils a lifelong love for learning. In addition, it improves reading fluency, enhances their vocabulary, improves comprehension of written words, develops better writing skills, improves oral verbiage skills and also develops research skills.
Moreover, our purpose includes developing the critical thinking faculty of students and also encouraging a deeper engagement with the learning process. Although children read for pleasure, we intend to introduce themselves to different elements of literature like plot, characters, settings and also compel them to think beyond these terms and learn how to write novellas, prepare speeches, create podcasts, etc. All this is done to make the children understand the author’s purpose and begin to draw their own conclusions. The inferences they draw and the group discussions that they take part in develops their analytical skills.
Furthermore, they learn to appreciate the beauty of literature by exploring how the lives and emotions of people are brought alive through printed words

How do we aim to do it?

Our mission is to provide students with an enriching experience by exploring the world of books and genres. We put in work certain specific strategies to develop their skills and once mastered, watch them soar! We aim to make their learning experience an enjoyable one by engaging them in different collaborative activities and develop their skills in reading and learning. The main motivation is to make the students ‘book-bound’ as there are only a handful who are interested in reading. The reason behind this is that they do not yet know their area of interest. We provide them with a plethora of choices from various genres to choose from and when they find the one that excites them, there is no looking back!
Likewise, the reading of books beyond the limits of pleasure and analysing the techniques of the writer will make the children appreciate literature more. Thus, literary analysis expands a child’s ability to state their ideas in a more comprehensive manner using language as a tool. Furthermore, they develop conversational skills as well as writing skills when they put forth their thoughts and ideas about their understanding of a particular work and gain the confidence to face an audience or their peers.
Our main motive is to make the children grow as readers and lifelong learners through this practice. The small nooks meant for the bookworms are ready to invite them to their bureau!