School newsletters and Yearbook are an essential part of communication between students, teachers, and parents. Hence, the newsletter club – ‘Gurukulian Gazette’ provides the latest updates on current and future events, achievements, exam dates, advice, trivia, and so on. The newsletter aims to have a monthly publication. This club also provides an opportunity for students to display their work and stay updated with the latest news. Updates include what each of the Diploma subject classes has been up to, what each club has been working on, upcoming events which may take place (such as competitions), and so on. The goal of this newsletter is also to provide an entertainment factor along with the informative factor, this includes artworks, movie/boom reviews, crosswords, comics, and so on.
The Yearbook on the other hand is an opportunity for treasuring the memories and would be published at the end of year 2 of DP.

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So what are we waiting for?

Club President : Riya Kotiyawala and Simran Kriplani

Vice President: Zara Poria