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STEM is an integration of concepts from Sciences, Mathematics, Arts, Engineering and various disciplines leading to technological applications and further advances. Mathematical activities in STEM club will equip students with competencies that enable them to overcome their personal challenges like finding creative ways to solve a puzzle and being innovative, and facing difficult problems with confidence. STEM club tasks enhance in developing an analytical approach towards complex problems and introduce different problem solving techniques.
Math club will include making display or working models for proving Gemoetrical Theorems or Mathematical Identities. Depending on the complexity of the task, Students would require to do manual calculations or use Graphical Display Calculators, Online graphing tools for modeling, representing data and documenting the statistical analysis. Students will be grouped for the assignments and will be lead by a potential group leader. This will develop their self confidence, leadership qualities and team work spirit. Students will have sessions of Vedic Mathematics which will help them speed up the calculations mentally. The Club is an opportunity for students to engage themselves beyond the classroom learning activities to enhance and broaden their skills and knowledge across disciplines.
The activities in STEM club will help students to know how the world works.
Lastly an important message for the students – Enjoy it!
STEM Club science is fun, if you’re not enjoying it you’re not doing it right

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So what are we waiting for?

STEM Club teachers for Mathematics-

Ms. Saily Bawne

Ms. Parul Sharma

Mr. Omi Sharma