• Clubs
  • Cooking
Teachers in charge- Ms. Daisy and Ms. Drishti
  • Fundamental Banking System
  • Financial Literacy
  • Investment
Teacher in charge -Mr. Anandha

Why should I join a life skills club?

  • First and foremost, a life skills club gives us a time to share, bond, and work together and earn practical life skills.
  • It gives us an opportunity to talk with one another and get to know each other’s interests, share new recipes, and be creative and share our love for food and cooking.
  • This club will enlighten us about our money skills, concepts of banking, investment and financial literacy.

What does a life skills club do?

  • A Life skills club is a place where a group of people will gather together on a regular basis to take on a cooking activity, try a new recipe, or learn to be creative.
  • We will also learn important life skills of banking and investment, saving money, making smart financial choices.

What we have to do? My expectation

  • The ingredients of the cooking class recipes will be shared before.
  • Students must bring the ingredients to class and come prepared for class.
  • Finance and business activities will be shared by Anandha Sir.