In Talks with Krushnaa Patil

The youngest Indian woman to successfully ascend Mount Everest
Ms. Krushnaa Patil as a guest to share her thrilling experience with our senior students of MYP 4, 5, and DP 1 and 2. In alignment with the value of the month Perseverance and Determination.

it was an honour to have such an eminent personality Ms. Krushnaa among us who was felicitated and welcomed by MYP Coordinator Mr. Mandar Gurjar and DP Coordinator, Mr. Aprit Sharma.

Ms. Krushnaa Patil is an Indian mountaineer, who at the age of 19, became the youngest Indian woman to successfully ascend Mount Everest.

She shared her amazing journey and how from a very young age she was fond of trekking and made it a point to visit all the small and big forts in and all-around Maharashtra.

It was an interactive and informative session as ma’am asked the students a number of questions and also responded to all their queries.

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