Role of schools in inculcating moral values in the students

The children of today are the future of tomorrow. They’ll shape the world so they should have all the requisite knowledge and qualities to build a strong world. It is vital to inculcate good values in them as then only they will nurture into citizens with strong character who can make this world a better place. Thus, moral values hold significance in the development of children into well-balanced individuals.

That is why moral values and character development classes should be included in the schedule of a school. Along with parents, a school plays a major role in inculcating moral values in the students.

The positive development of a child under the guidance of their mentors

Students spend nearly 6-8 hours in school and they have a strong influence on their teachers. They listen to their teachers more than anyone else. So, if teachers start giving them moral lectures, then it will surely result positively in the child’s development.

Character development alongside friends

Peer-pressure matters a lot in the childhood days. Children think that their friends are smarter than anyone else so they follow them. If one of the students learns moral values in school, then he/she can impart it to other friends. In this way, it will be a prosperous growth in society.

Better upbringing that creates good decision makers

Many parents cannot spare time for their child’s development so they look upon the school to develop their child holistically. Thus, it becomes necessary for the school to provide proper upbringing to the students by inculcating moral values in them. If the students learn moral values in schools, then they’ll be able to discern the difference between right and wrong. Moral values taught in school also teach the children how to react in different situations.

Learning moral values from seniors

Every student has a role model in school in the form of a friend, senior or teacher. Many children find their role models in their seniors. So, if the seniors are disciplined, they will set the right example for their juniors to follow.

The values taught in school remains with the students forever

Moral values are taught in school through activities such as sports, games, prayers, special assemblies, etc. These have such an impact in the student’s mind that they get stuck in their mind for a lifetime. They may forget some of their Math and Sciences concepts after a few years but they will never forget these moral lessons.

Learning by realizing mistakes

If a child commits anything wrong and is punished for it in the school, then it will have a positive effect on his mind. This is because the child will always think about the consequences of wrongdoings so he/she will refrain from committing any mistake.

Character development by following their role models

Students are strongly influenced by great personalities. So, they must be taught through biographies of famous personalities. When they learn about the moral values of their idols, it will inspire them to follow the same trail. So, schools can motivate students to follow the right path in life.

In this competitive and technology-advanced world, it has become imperative to develop the students into aware, alert and responsive individuals who can deploy technology for the benefit of mankind. There is a need to create well-balanced individuals who can make sound decisions and respect everyone. This is possible by imparting moral values to the students. At MIT Vishwashanti Gurukul, we consider it our responsibility to foster the future of the world. That is why we give impetus to character development and moral values.

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