Benefits of an IB PYP education for your child

IB stands for International Baccalaureate. It is a unique curriculum that aims to foster academic as well as other development of a child from a tender age. In the 21st century role of education has broadened, and it is no more confined to cram and get a job. Now our world is evolving at a rapid pace, so we want creative minds who can think beyond their limits.

IB curriculum is one such curriculum where a child is given ample opportunities to explore and find their hidden strength. IB is different from our conventional way of learning, and it has expanded to more than 140 countries. Many renowned schools in India have affiliated their schools with the IB curriculum due to its rising demand. This curriculum is unique due to its extraordinary features where students are coaxed from a tender age to think and respond. These reasons which justify why one should prefer an IB Primary year’s program over others for your child –

  • The curriculum is not confined to a particular subject and takes the students beyond the subject area.
  • It coaxes them to challenge existing views and explore more dimensions. The skills integral to this curriculum prepare the child for a future with scientific temperament.
  • The motto is to embed virtues like- Inquiry-based knowledge, rational approach, ability to take the risk, which makes them responsible for their learning.
  • It makes them familiar with global culture and develops a feeling of respect towards other cultures.
  • The students get ample opportunity to apply their theoretical knowledge in a practical scenario; this is how they are taught at schools.
  • Children of IB curriculum background are better essay writers and tend to analyze more.
  • Students in the class are continuously encouraged to give responses to become an active learner rather than a passive subject.

If you are searching for a renowned IB school, then MIT Vishwashanti Gurukul would be a rational choice. It is ranked among the best IB schools in Pune. They have been successful in imparting quality education and moral values to students. Besides, these moral values and cultural ethos is embedded in them so they can become familiar with our rich culture. When the students are young, they are given proper training on how to hold a pencil, draw numbers, and speak words. Their way of learning is more activity-based rather than the conventional way of teaching, so they learn to respond in different circumstances, and this prepares a strong foundation for the middle year program.

Preparing a good foundation at this age is essential to ensure their evolution in multiple domains. Now when the world is heading towards a global village, it has become the need of the hour to nurture our future generation in a way that makes them respect the plural culture. In this curriculum, they are supposed to choose a second language, which is a good measure to reduce the language barrier. Their brainstorming skills and the rational way will make them achieve scientific temperament in the future, which is necessary for our evolving world.

All these things can be met in a good school, which is catered by a well experienced and educated teacher who has a pivotal role to play in facilitating learning. Fortunately, MIT Vishwashanti Gurukul meets all your requirements and ensures that it is the best place where your child can blossom in safe hands. These virtues make MIT Vishwashanti Gurukul stand out from other schools. So choosing this school can be a stepping stone for the bright future of your child.