How school facilities affect a child’s outcome?

A school is a place where a child undertakes the journey of developing into an adult. Throughout the school’s phase, a child gains knowledge, essential life skills, wisdom, intelligence, character, and his/her persona. That is why the choice of schooling for a child should be made after thorough consideration. Apart from the board of the school, its level of faculty, affiliation and track record, school facilities affect the student’s outcome. In the case of teachers, fewer school facilities will affect their recruitment, time, effort as well as their commitment towards the school authorities. But for a child, its consequences are worse. As we all know that a school is like a temple where one gains the necessary skills for future life. But if the school lacks in facilities, then it may affect the child’s growth, learning behavior as well as health. It will also affect the outcome of each student.

Let’s study in detail how the non-availability of facilities will affect the student’s outcome:

1. Classroom size and space

More the number of students in a classroom, more ineffective will be the teaching. It is quite obvious that if there are a lot of students in a classroom including both dumb and the intelligent ones, then the learners won’t be able to focus on their studies or they may even become aggressive in nature gradually. Hence, classrooms with ample space and a limited number of students will lead to effective learning and ensuring that the students can work together in teams or communicate fruitfully. Moreover, maintaining private classes for students interested in studying can lead to effective development of the students reducing any kind of auditory, visionary or discipline issues.

2. Twenty-First Century Learning Tools and Techniques

Nowadays, 21st-century interactive learning tools are all the rage as they lead to enhanced communication and dissemination of knowledge, and they facilitate better teamwork as well as classroom collaboration. Some of the schools are not adopting these methods because they are lacking in efficient seating arrangements with respect to various teaching methods or they lack in technologies for proper learning. Without the interactive tools, the students won’t take interest in the classroom which leads to absenteeism and least interactive classroom which ultimately affects the grades of the students.

3. Acoustics and Noises

It becomes so uncomfortable to sit in a place with a lot of noise. Same happens with the students and the teachers in a school. If there is a lot of noise in the adjoining areas of the school, then that may cause a disturbance in the classroom. Due to immense noise, the efficacy of the teacher as well as the students vanishes giving way to distraction during the schooling hours. It has been found in research that classes which are devoid of any external noise fetch a positive result rather than the classes where the students are continuously sidetracked by the noises.

4. Proper Temperature

Can students write with frozen fingers or can they sit in a crowded class during hot summers? Obviously no! Uncomfortable temperature levels affect a person’s learning and writing capacity. Thus, the ideal temperature is expected to be maintained with respect to the sunlight and the classroom’s exposure to the outer temperature should be checked.

Undoubtedly, facilities available in a school impact its effectiveness which in turn affect student’s outcome. Thus, parents should also look into the facilities provided by the school before making a choice for their children. If you are looking for the best residential school in Maharashtra that is loaded with modern facilities for modern learners, then you should send your child to MIT Vishwashanti Gurukul. Situated in the city of Pune, it is one of the top boarding schools in Maharashtra. It boasts of its world-class infrastructure, conducive learning environment and unique learning pedagogy where the students are encouraged to learn to the best of their capabilities. So, without further doubt, you should choose MIT Vishwashanti Gurukul, the best international school in Maharashtra.