Dr. V. D. Karad

Prof.Vishwanath D. Karad


A True Source of Inspiration - Dr. Vishwanath D. Karad, a renowned educationist who is known in the society for his work in the human rights, spiritual advice & democracy. He is a strong follower of Swami Vivekananda. In 2015, he participated at Salt Palace Convention center, Salt Lake city, Utah, (U.S.) for “Parliament of world’s religions”. Reclaiming the heart of our Humanity Working together for world of Compassion, Peace, Justice & Compatibility. More than 10,000 people all over the world, from more than 80 Nations and believing in more than 50 faiths, were present for the said parliament.

He vowed to re-establish the symbols of national integrity in the form of Shriram Mandir (2011), Jama Masjid and Khawaja Zen Uddin Chisti Dargah(2009) and has been in the process. Yes, he is the man who is coming with Shree Ram, Sarwa Dharma Manawata Mandir at Ayodhya. He is the one who has also initiated the first International Robocon, and World Peace Eco Park from 2009 every year at national level.

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Dr. Sunil. Karad

Dr. Sunil Karad

Executive Director and Trustee

Education holds the key to a progressive world, along with being a crucial tool for solving some of the most complex issues. It hones the developmental potential of our youth, and eventually shapes the future of humanity. Being associated with a variety of knowledge streams across Technology, Science, Social Science, Humanities, Health Science, Design and School Education verticals, I firmly believe that learning is far beyond facts and figures. Ideally, education should foster curiosity and analysis. It should be beyond ensuring literacy and inculcate realization of own's potential.

With a liberal approach, we can imbibe a sense of social responsibility, and instill intellectual and practical dexterity in the citizens of tomorrow. It is upon us to guide these young minds to succeed in the realm full of opportunities.

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Ms. Anju Hiranwar PS to Executive Director
Email: anju[at]mitpune.com

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    Mr . Venugopal

    Mr. Venu Gopal


    Mr . Venugopal is associated with school since its inception. He is a University Topper with a Masters degree in Statistics, specialising in Econometrics and Demography. He has a passion for teaching Mathematics and Statistics across all grade levels including graduates and post graduates, acquiring expertise in teaching CIE / IB Curriculum for more than a decade. He has a strong inclination towards sports with the firm belief that sports promote team work, discipline,and a never-give-up attitude among other necessary life skills.


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    Mrs Rama

    Mrs. Rama Shinde

    Principal PYP

    Mrs Rama has been there to guide and implement the Early Years and Primary years programme right from the inception of the school. She has done her post-graduation in Management. She ensures that the Curriculum is executed as per the standards and practices of IBO and incorporates all aspects of the Primary Years Programme (PYP). The Programme works to develop the whole personality of the child and builds within students the passion for learning. She feels that the children are the ambassadors of the programme. Teaching, learning, and sharing are her passions, with over 25 years of association with the MAEER’s MIT Group, she believes in nurturing the young.

    Children with love and care. Mrs. Rama has undergone the various workshops conducted by IB Asia Pacific Region and has attended the IB Conference to groom her team members to deliver the best to budding learners. She is very fortunate to be selected and trained by IBO for IB Asia Pacific, PYP School Visiting Team Member/Leader. Mrs. Rama has worked with IBO for "Believe in India" project in June 2010. She is an active member in coordinating PYP Pune, IB school networking. Gregarious by personality, Mrs.Rama's forte lies in team building and achieving desired school growth.


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    Rohit Jain

    Mr. Rohit Jain

    Principal MYP

    Mr. Rohit Jain, Principal - Middle School of Vishwashanti Gurukul is a firm believer that the overall development of the students can happen only when they move out of the comfort zone and get engaged with the society and environment. He is not only a university topper with double MBA in International Business and Marketing, a degree in Bachelor of Education but also has successfully finished his certification of Mastering large account selling built by Imparta in conjunction with London Business School as well as Personality development by Mr. Minocher Patel.


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    Ms Evelynn

    Mrs. Evelynn
    Sheen Singh

    IBDP Coordinator

    Ms Evelynn, the IBDP coordinator of Vishwashanti Gurukul is a firm believer and doctor of the IB philosophy and principles. Her academic career along with her ongoing PhD in literature is dotted with many laurels; right from being a gold medalist at the university level to international paper publications. She has been equally successful in instilling this academic rigor in her DP students, which has been very which has been very instrumental in the students achieving top scores in the IBDP exams.

    As an educationists, she places the learner at the center and firmly believes in the school being a platform for all-round development. To this end she along with her team of teachers, constantly strives to inspire her learners to explore and hone their creative talents. In the short span of her career, she has gone from being an IB subject examiner to being a team leader. She is also currently on the IB TOK curriculum review team. An ardent practitioner of the IB philosophy, she is a devout advocate of academic honesty. She continuously endeavours to maintain a culture for excellence by firmly upholding the principles of honesty, hard work and dedication on one hand and on the other enabling learners to creatively craft their growth journey.


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    Mr. Anil Ghodake

    Mr. Anil Ghodake

    IGCSE Coordinator

    Anil P. Ghodake is the IGCSE Coordinator and Cambridge Examinations officer who joined Vishwashanti Gurukul in 2010. He successfully completed his Bachelors degree in Education and Masters Degree from Amravati University with 14 years of teaching experience. He is a Cambridge as well as an IBDP certified Examiner and has attended Cambridge ,UK in September in September 2015. He has also attended a couple of workshop for both IBDP and Cambridge programme.


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    Mrs. Prasuna Vemuri

    Mrs. Prasuna Vemuri

    PYP Coordinator

    Mrs. Prasuna strongly believes in building character and imbibing values along with imparting the right knowledge. She is a passionate teacher and has remarkable experience in designing the learning sessions, planners and making use of the available experiences and resources for effective teaching. Prasuna is associated with MIT Pune’s Vishwashanti Gurukul since its inception, and has been working as PYP Coordinator since 2011. As a Coordinator, she designed and conducted quite a few in-house Professional Development sessions for the teaching staff. The PYP exhibitions have been a great success, divulging a lot of learning experiences to the students. Prasuna has been associated with IB–PYP programme for past 15 years and an active member during the various authorization and evaluation processes of the International Schools. She is a member of IB Educators Network and holds the roles of IB Workshop Leader and Visiting Team member. She has conducted workshops at Regional level and also at in-school level. She has been a visiting member of IB for authorizing the schools.


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    Ms Jini Varghese

    Ms. Jini Varghese

    University Placement

    Having pursued a master's degree in agricultural sciences, guidance counseling as a career happened to Ms.Varghese by chance. For some-one who demonstrated qualities such as active listening, emotional intelligence, critical thinking, and empathy, her mentors believed that a high school career guidance would provide her with a meaningful, diverse, and challenging career opportunity. Not only did she begin to learn the basics, she was also taken in by the joy of accomplishing her work. Her passion for career counselling has helped her succeed in assisting students for over 15 years to set realistic academic and career goals and develop plans to achieve them. Today, she is recognized for her ability to build rapport with students, and collaborate with teachers and parents to establish effective support networks. She has also been fortunate to be nominated as one of the high impact counselors on an international platform.

    At MIT Vishwashanti Gurukul (an IB World School), Ms Varghese remarks that she has been blessed to be associated with a diverse set of students, each one challenging her further in scope and in responsibility. She is motivatedto work at length, exploring universities in various locations and scholarships offered to international students. The fact that she is well travelled and has visited several university campuses nationally and internationally, also helps. She has taken it as her personal responsibility to cultivate a stimulating and supportive environment to allow her students to reach their fullest potential and help them accomplish their dreams.

    Prior to joining MIT Vishwashanti Gurukul (an IB World School), Ms Varghese was associated with UWC (Mahindra) as the Admissions & Guidance Coordinator. She maintains a good network with professionals and colleagues in the industry and this has helped her assist her students with specific needs and goals. In this regard, she is a professional member of the International Association for College Admission Counselling, the Association of College Counselors in Indiaand the Career Counseling Psychology Association of India alongside her engagement in various other opportunities for High School Counselors.

    A life-long learner and a strong advocate of the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program, Ms Varghese believes that she constantly needs to broaden her knowledge horizons. She aspires to grow into an impactful counselor- someone who canchange the lives of youths.