Boarding School V/S Day School: Which is best for your child?

This is a very crucial question for all the parents as it is pertaining to their child's education. To understand what’s better out of the two options, we must know about them in detail.

A boarding school is one that serves the function of a regular day school along with offering additional facilities like lodging and meals. This means that the students live in the school’s campus under the guidance of a mentor. Boarding schools are highly disciplined as they not only focus on the education of the kids but also on their personality, activities, as well as eating and sleeping patterns. On the other side, a day school does not provide lodging facility to its students. The students receive education during the day time after which they are allowed to go home.

Both boarding and day schools have their own significance. They are equally renowned for their teaching techniques. However, a boarding school has upper hand over the residential school in many aspects.

Here are some reasons that make boarding schools better than day schools:

1. A sound teacher-student relationship is fostered

The students at boarding schools tend to share a better relationship with their teachers as compared to the students of day schools. The reason behind this is that at boarding schools, it becomes easier for the students to approach their teachers in case of any problems related to their studies and for various other issues. Teachers too feel closer to their students as they get to spend more time with them on the premises.

2. Better life experiences

At boarding schools, students live in the school campus which is why they get a lot more time to bond with their fellow mates. We all know how life can become incomplete without friends. However, this can never be the case at a boarding school. Students not only live together but also tackle their problems with each other’s support which gives them memorable life experience.

3. More activities for recreation

It is very important for a student to focus on a lot of other activities than just studying. Boarding schools allow students to participate in different recreational activities so that they can gain more skillful knowledge. Not every student has the same level of intelligence. Therefore, they are exposed to multi-faceted co-curricular activities so that each student discovers his/her niche and do not suffer from inferiority complex. Activities like sports, music, craft, dance and literature have a lot to give to the students. It gives them a chance to discover their unique talents and hone their skills in the respective field by participating in various competitions.

4. Teachings on how to become independent

Students at day schools are only taken care of during the daytime, which means that they get enough help from their parents in doing their homework and a lot of other things. However, at boarding schools, they are taught to become independent. They not only work on their school projects by themselves but also do their laundry and other stuff like after-school activities such as homework without anyone’s help. Thus, students become self-reliant and are much better prepared for adult life.


These were few of the reasons that imply why boarding schools have upper hand over the day schools. In a nutshell, boarding school provides holistic development of the students and nurtures them into a responsible, bold, self-reliant, confident, intellectual and well-balanced individual. MIT Vishwashanti Gurukul is one of the best residential schools in India. Situated in Pune, it is an IB world school that offers a unique value based education system. Here, students master life skills, ethos and extracurricular activities along with their srudies. It featured in the numero uno spot in the Times Education survey for best residential schools in Pune with international curriculum . The school is known to give the best of two worlds- Indian ethos and international level of studies, to the students. So, if you want your children to be molded in a conducive environment, then you should send them to MIT Vishwashanti Gurukul, the best international residential school in Pune .