Which are the best day boarding schools near Pune?

These days parents prefer sending their kids to a boarding school as such schools are becoming famous in society. Various factors encourage the guardians to send their kid to a boarding school. The foremost reason is that a boarding school instills a feeling of and discipline in the understudies. The kids are made to follow a fixed timetable in a boarding school. Everything from waking up in the morning to sleeping at night is scheduled. There are strict rules and regulations to be followed by understudies. The objective behind doing so is to make them increasingly capable and trustworthy individuals. Another prominent reason for choosing a boarding school is that they encourage the child to take part in non-scholastic activities, which eventually helps them reach their maximum potential. A residential school helps a child become self-sufficient and independent. A school is where your kids attain maximum growth, and a day boarding school focuses on the overall development of the students. Therefore, boarding schools are viewed as the best choices for the youngster by their parents.

If you have the question "which are the best day boarding schools near Pune” then the answer is quite simple. MIT Vishwashanti Gurukul is one of the best day boarding schools near Pune. Since 2016, this school has secured the first position thrice in a row. Known for the top-quality education and the infrastructure of international standards, MIT Vishwashanti Gurukul is located in Rajbaug, closer to Hadapsar, Pune. With the Gurukul styled architecture, the campus is spread across 125 acres of land. The campus accommodates the school buildings, a sports complex with indoor and outdoor sports facilities, an enormous library, and separate boarding houses for girls and boys.

MIT Vishwashanti Gurukul is affiliated to global boards like International Baccalaureate (IB) and Cambridge International Education (CIE). Their objective is to make global citizens of tomorrow who are as yet associated with their roots and possess moral values and ethos. They ensure the holistic development of the understudies. They concentrate equally on academics as well as extra-curricular activities. The school follows Gurukul's age-old principles like "Guru Shishya Parampapra" where the teachers act as the students' mentors, and the understudies gain knowledge under them. This boarding school guides its students to be strong, independent, thoughtful, sincere, and confident. They improve the general character of an individual alongside giving the knowledge of the syllabi. That is what makes MIT Vishwashanti Gurukul the top boarding school in Pune.

MIT Vishwashanti Gurukul's boarding cultivates delicate consideration and smart grooming to all the students under the care of it. The hostels accommodate over 300 understudies along with other staff members. There is a fully equipped medical room in the boarding with 24 hours of specialist and nursing facilities. The school also owns an ambulance to deal with emergencies. There are four different boarding houses, and each of them is fitted with a fire security alarm. Mock drills are held every term to train the kids. There are smart classrooms in the school, and they are big enough, and the student to teacher proportion is only 18:1, which permits the teachers to give all the understudies equal attention. There is one Olympic-sized swimming pool inside the campus, a basketball court, a cricket, and football ground to encourage the understudies to participate in sports.

The perfect day boarding school can help your child build a great personality. Various universities accept the IGCSE board all across the globe. Therefore, going to MIT Vishwashanti Gurukul can open so many doors for your child in the future. A boarding school helps in laying the right foundation for a child's successful career.