International Day of Democracy at MIT Vishwashanti Gurukul

Gurukulians celebrated the International Day of Democracy with a formal debate organized by a student-run club known as the Future Lawyers of the Globe (F.L.G.) in association with the Department of History.
The topic of debate was "Prevention of vaccine Nationalism with regards to COVID-19". Members of the club were allotted their position on the topic, for or against the case. The debate ran in a format designed by the president and vice-president of the club. Both sides made strong opening statements; they talked about their views on the topic and made their case.
After the opening statements, the next phase of the debate began, the questions.

Each side asked four questions to the other; students demonstrated their knowledge and ability to think on the spot during this phase. Students considered economic and socio-political factors. Then followed the debate's penultimate phase, the rebuttals, both made their final case on the arguments sparked during the question round. Finally came the last stage of the debate, the closing statements. Students on both sides concluded and ended the debate.
Students demonstrated excellent research and public speaking skills. The debate was fruitful and showed a vital constituent of a real democracy, criticism. Without the freedom to express one's ideas and views, a democracy is no democracy.