Technology Integration

Technology is one of the main foundations at MIT VGS.

Effective, controlled, secured and device independent technology implementation and integration connects the entire school community and provides blended teaching and learning in purposeful way. This involves the purposeful implementation and integration of both synchronous and asynchronous technology platforms in the most effective way.

MIT VGS has the dedicated and efficient team for technology implementation. At MIT VGS, the firewall is implemented with rules and report facility of user and data management, which provides the ultimate security of data and controlled environment for the technology usage. Data connectivity is implemented using LAN and effective Wi-Fi connectivity. The strong room of networks and data backup in local servers ensures the reliability of data.

The entire school community is connected through the ManageBac ERP portal. This portal is an asynchronous platform which maintains the records of the entire school community, academic details of each student including report card management. In ManageBac, the audit trail for each member of the school community is maintained. This platform keeps the entire school community updated with the entire academic progress of the school. ManageBac is available in both the web and the app versions.

At MIT VGS, the teaching and learning in the classrooms are done using effective technology integration. MIT VGS also has the blended learning implemented through integration of Microsoft Office 365 suite. Microsoft Teams is the web conferencing tool used for synchronous classroom environment, replicating the physical classroom environment, which proved to be one of the most effective way during the COVID 19 pandemic. Microsoft stream provides the video recording of each class recording to be 24X7 available to students.  Formative assessments are conducted through Microsoft Teams.  Flip classroom is implemented by the synch of resources in Microsoft Teams and ManageBac. This platform provides the effective way of blended learning through online meetings using Teams calendar. Online meetings are also implemented for PTMs, Virtual Exhibitions, Guest Lectures and similar. Microsoft Teams is available in the web, desktop and the app versions.

Google Suite is implemented at MIT VGS with strict permission-based data vault for backup. Based on permission level, the accessibility to google drive, google forms, google docs and other tools of the G-suite are provided. G-suite is available in both the web and the app versions.

At MIT VGS, the BYOL (Bring Your Own Laptop) policy ensures the usage of technology to the optimum way. The devices are securely registered to the school network domain through a super-admin controlled unique credentials, thereby providing the monitored environment of technology usage.

MIT VGS also has the state-of-art computer labs and each classroom with strong Wi-Fi and smartboard implementation.

The usage of varsities of purposeful tools for the subject level and skill development augments the entire teaching and learning process to the next level. The students are imbibed with digital citizenship as a life skill and are provided with the effective knowledge and skill development of the varsities of tools which encompasses creating effective digital collaterals, different collaboration platforms (moderated), programming, web development, animation, CAD drawing, video game development, App development and many other present and emerging technologies. The effective usage of the technology at MIT VGS enables the differentiation of the learners. At MIT VGS, all facilitators are expert in technology integration. The dedicated PD sessions on technology is an effective platform for exchange of ideas on purposeful tools and technologies. At MIT VGS, the familiarization sessions on technologies used are also conducted for parents.

The students at MIT VGS has participated in most of the national level events of technology where they have stood apart with their skills and have procured laurels. Technology has always been one of the fundamental pillars at MIT VGS to encompass the students with the necessary skills needed to be an active learner.

The strong foundation of technology is periodically reflected by the core team to ensure the implementation and integration of the purposeful and emerging technologies.