A momentum and craze in schooling have started in today’s era, and that is IB Schools. So, what are IB Schools? 

Basically, IB (International Baccalaureate) program is a high-quality education program that offers a spectrum of international education to students of age 3 to 19. The IB curriculum mainly focuses on both the academic and personal development of a child to generate ability among students to solve complex difficulties.

IB Education helps in fostering curiosity, diversity, and a healthy hunger for learning; with this attitude, students also get trained to challenge assumptions and think critically. So, if you are sceptical if you should send your child to an IB school or not, here are the best reasons explaining why IB Schools are better in comparison with other schools:

  • Depth of Study: The composition of the IB program builds depth of knowledge and comprehension because IB Education includes specialization in six unique subject groups along with humanities, languages, maths, and sciences. Whereas other schools only provide specialization in only three to four subjects. 
  • Experiential Learning: IB students are offered an element by the name of CAS (Creativity, Activity, Service). This element mainly focuses on allowing students to gain knowledge through experience and participating in projects, community services, and clubs. CAS element is only present in IB schools, making it different from other schools in terms of shaping students into engaged, motivated, and well-rounded individuals.
  • Independent Thinking: The IB school’s classrooms carry a feature of two-way communication and discussion between students and teachers. This feature aims at encouraging students to voice their unique thoughts and make them capable of unique and independent thinking. Unlike other schools where the teacher is the speaker and students are the mere audiences. 
  • Personal Growth: IB schools offer a balance between co-curricular activities and academics, exposure to multiple scenarios, a platform to express student’s opinions, experiential learning, etc. These things help IB students to achieve personal growth.
  • Time Management: IB schools help students master time management skills not offered by other schools. Time management helps in many ways, like establishing better study habits, blocking distractions, developing a revision habit. With the help of IB schools, students master these skills, which makes them one step ahead of other school’s students.
  • The Challenge: Challenges are crucial to making students ready for various other typical tasks because failures from challenges lead to students learning their mistakes, and winning leads to encouragement. IB schools highly focus on mastering these skills among students, which makes them capable of facing challenges in every field of life.
  • Freedom: IB schools highly believes in providing the freedom to students. Freedom helps students in many ways, like discovering their interests, encouraging them to follow their interests to make their tasks easy and interesting. 

IB schools provide various distinct advantages to students by nurturing student’s curiosity, establishing critical thinking skills among students, motivating them. IB programs are highly regarded because these programs focus on a student’s overall development. 

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