Why school safety is important for your child

For a parent, their child is the most precious human in their lives. School is a significant decision which, even though it is beautiful but carries many insecurities with it. 

Undoubtedly, as a parent, one faces many apprehensions about the school; they choose one of them being unaware of whether the school they choose is safe or not. Thus, it is quite genuine for a parent to feel this way, but this becomes the responsibility of the school to ensure that the environment they provides to a child is safe from all sorts of potential harms a child could face during school hours.

These are a few of the reasons why school safety is one of the topmost priorities of every parent:

  • Time duration spent in school

Apart from home, children spend most of their time and twelve years of their lives in school. It is quite essential that a school has an environment that protects a child from intentional and unintentional harm. Thus, high safety standards are an essential prerequisite for a parent to confide their trust in a school for their child.

  • Mental well-being

School life impacts the personality and mental health of a child to a large extent. Any sort of physical or mental trauma one experiences in their school life can largely impact their child’s lives. It influences the behavior of a child and their happiness. Therefore, a positive school experience is a must for every child to ensure positive development.

  • Encourages them to perform well

If a child feels safe and secure in his school, the chances of him performing better in his academics and other arenas are comparatively higher. It promotes their creative learning and social skills as safety ensures an open environment. It helps them in exploring the multitude of options.

  • Risk of indulging in harmful behavior

If a child feels unsafe at his school, the risk of him indulging in delinquent behavior is quite high. Such negative emotions may push a child towards drugs and alcohol. These habits not only harm them physically but also separates them from the important people in their lives. Thus, a child may be isolated and separate himself from every essential thing that matters.

  • Risk of physical injuries

The absence of essential safety equipment and measures may increase the risk of physical injuries to any student or staff. This injury may be minor or major, but it affects the well-being of a child. 

It is undoubted that the risk of physical injuries could not be eliminated entirely. However, any major injury due to sheer negligence may cause extensive damage to the child, which could not be handled. Thus, a safe and secure environment from lack of safety and even the threat of violence needs the attention of school safety and security. 

Elite institutions make it their top priority and responsibility to ensure the safety of their students. Leading the list, MIT Vishwashanti Gurukul is the top boarding school in Punethat ensures high standards of safety and security. Different policies like the child protection and Safety policy, zero tolerance to ragging and bullying policy, and Special Educational Needs policy safeguards the safety and security concerns of the parents. 

So, if you are looking for a premium institution for your child that ensures safety and holistic development, then MIT Vishwashanti Gurukul is worth considering. 


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