Sometimes, examination stress badly affects most of the students in different ways. In such a situation, it is significant to manage this strain and seek the best ways of helping to overcome the risk of stress. However, there are several students for whom examination can be a breeze, and revision is another nature to them to ace the exam with a blindfold. In contrast, for some students, heart palpitations and sweaty palms is a part of the territory, and it seems like nothing is impossible than sitting down and practicing.

Examination fear and anxiety is a psychological condition because those students feel distressed and pressure that badly affects their performance. However, the cause of happening examination fear differs for every student, such as some fear of failure, poor testing history, unpreparedness, and even forth. More importantly, some have mental or biological causes that can make them nervous and stressed during the exam.

Tips to Overcome Exam fear before exams

Here we have mentioned some handy tips that can assist you in bursting stress and ensuring you freely and calmly go through your examination: 

  • Students must add regular breaks and schedules for fun things during the intense timetable of examination. The break can include around 20 minutes during practice or revision time. Students can go out, attend a gig and do whatever they like to do that will take their thoughts off exams. 
  • During the examination season, the most irritating thing is it occurs similarly. The weather brightens up. On that note, students can utilize this as an advantage by going out for a walk, running, gym, or swimming pool to boost up the mood to make your body or mind more productive during revisions. 
  • If anxiety or stress gets high peak or affects your day-to-day activities, then you must try to speak about it with someone or take advice. Moreover, you can also open up to your family member or friend regarding your exam stress. 
  • Students should be flexible during exams. We know a revision schedule is a crucial tool in your arsenal for examination victory, but there is no need to be too hard on yourself; in case you find it unable to stick to it. 
  • As per the ancestor’s sayings, “comparison is the thief of joy.” Thus, it is good to discuss studying together with your mates without comparing others’ revisions to your own. 
  • Students can watch their favorite series, motivation podcast, or TV show that will make you laugh and work as a stress-buster pill for you. 
  • Get enough amount of sleep. The perks of a better night’s sleep during an examination session should not be underestimated. It will prove fruitful to take relief from exam stress or overburden. 

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