Tips on how to improvise English Speaking Skills in Kids at home

Improving the English of a child that primarily speaks Hindi can one of the daunting tasks for the parents. As parents, we all desire that our child speaks fluent English as their mother tongue. 

Well, children are just like clay, which takes shape as you mold them. Therefore, if you also want to enhance your child’s English-speaking skills, we have mentioned here a few of the effective tips by which you will see impressive results. 

  • Integrate Reading Routine: Incorporating reading habits into a daily routine is one of the best helping hands to develop a reading habit and enhance speaking skills. You can purchase simply to read English books that build their interest to read and understand it properly like Magic Pot, The Children’s Magazine, and even so forth.
  • Keep a Diary in English: Many of the kids often love to maintain a diary and write down everything. If your kid is one of those children, ask him/her to start writing their thoughts in English. In this way, they will enhance their thought process, English writing skills, and be more comfortable with English content. In the meantime, they will also develop a habit of it by making some errors but more sense. 
  • Play Word Games: Word game is an amazing and most exciting tip to develop English language skills. By playing these word games, children not only will be learning new words but will also improve their vocabulary. Further, practicing the pronunciation of such words will also help them in honing their skills.
  • Wisely Choose TV Shows: In every family, watching daily soaps is part of everyone’s daily lives. Amongst all, your child ends up grabbing words from them and depreciate their English-speaking skills because they completely indulge in their stories. So, you must consider the thing which shows you watch in front of your child. Even watching cartoons dubbed in English can do wonders. 
  • Motivate Them at every stage: Having a pep talk with your child in English will not only motivate them, but will boost their confidence as well. This will also boost their though process that will help them in future.
  • Use the English Language with Friends: As your child starts growing, he/she starts spending most of the time with their friends. Thus, kids can use some English sentences while communicating with their friends, whether in school or over the phone call. 
  • Sing Out Loud: English songs, poems, and rhymes are some of the best interactive methods to develop English speaking skills in your child. However, children lead to memorizing new words by the repetition of words. This procedure might seem time-consuming, but every time it polishes your English-speaking skills.

Consequently, these were a few of the key tips that will help you improve your child’s English-speaking skills at home. Apart from home surroundings, a reputable school also plays a crucial role in improvising the child’s English-speaking skills. So, if you are looking for one such elite school for the holistic development of your child, then MIT Vishwashanti Gurukul is an ideal pick. MIT Vishwashanti Gurukul is one of the top international schools in Pune that renders excellent academics with a global perspective where your child will perfectly prepare to compete with every challenge confidently. The institution follows the IB curriculum where your child grabs amazing opportunities to learn English and other languages. They strive to transform young talent into global citizens. 


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