Residential Schools in Maharashtra

Parents of young students often find themselves in a dilemma about whether they should opt for a day school or a residential school. While a day school might look like a safe and cost-effective alternative, it is often seen that students from residential schools in Maharashtra fare relatively better in academics. Residential school students are known to be more intellectually equipped with the knowledge to face real-life challenges.

Benefits of Residential Schools in Maharashtra

Maharashtra has no dearth of good residential schools. However, before you start looking for a top residential school in Pune, you should have an idea about the many benefits that a residential school has. Some of the benefits of residential schools are discussed as follows:

● Discipline

Discipline is the ultimate goal of a well-rounded education. Residential schools inculcate good behavior. Day school students tend to spend their after-school hours on mindless entertainment like TV and video games.

On the other hand, students of residential schools are encouraged to have a disciplined routine. They get up early, and after their regular classes, the students are made to engage in sports and extracurricular activities. Students have to maintain proper meal and sleep times, thus enabling them to have a healthy lifestyle.

● Holistic Development of Student

While day schools only focus on developing academic excellence, residential schools stress the importance of a student’s all-around development. The curriculum in most residential schools has provisions for sports and other physical activities to help in their physical and mental well-being.

● Modern Amenities

It is quite natural for a parent to be concerned about their child’s safety. Residential schools do not compromise on safety and security. Such schools have modern facilities like CCTV cameras and trained security guards.

● Independent and Reliable

Children studying in residential schools are taught to be independent and accountable for their own actions. In most cases, children growing up in a home are spoiled by the luxuries and comforts provided by their parents. That is not the case in a residential school where children are encouraged to do all their tasks by themselves.

● Healthy Eating Habits

Recent medical studies have shown the detrimental effects of junk food on health. Keeping that in mind, most residential schools offer fresh, nutrition-rich food to students as a part of a healthy, balanced diet.

Besides the above-mentioned points, there are many advantages of enrolling a child in a residential school. It’s a place that allows a student to learn and develop their competitive edge.

Choosing the Right Residential School

MIT Vishwashanti Gurukul in Pune is one of the best residential schools in Maharashtra. It aims at providing quality education by reviving the ancient Gurukul tradition of India. The school offers an intellectually superior ambience where a student develops academic excellence as well as ethical values.

Students passing out from MIT Vishwashanti Gurukul have the ability and confidence to apply for higher education at esteemed universities around the globe. The emphasis is not only on learning, but also on all other aspects of a child’s well-being like ethics, morals, skills, and culture.