Online School Education in India during and beyond the Pandemic

The year 2020 and pandemic was something no one was expecting, but it happened and changed the world upside down completely. Education got affected to an unbearable extent that no one was prepared for. Students have to go through different hassles, whereas teachers had to manage challenging study patterns. Education institutions were closed in a pandemic as per government orders to prevent the spread of covid-19. 

According to UNICEF, 53 countries around the world have implemented closure for educational institutes. In India, education has taken a new mode – Online Mode. 

Though the online education system has been a part of the education system for a long time, COVID-19 has brought online education into the mainstream. The whole education system in India is witnessing a drastic shift from a conventional pattern to an ultra-modern approach. This shift during a pandemic will redefine the whole system post-pandemic as well.


What are the expected changes in the education system?

  • Online classes will become permanent. 

Pandemic made us look for the modern approach of teaching. We learned how education could be managed well online, where it can save a lot of energy and time. Blended learning is something that is going to be in the future education system. 

  • Qualitative learning will be important for teachers. 

With technology, increasing self-study is becoming a major thing, but teachers’ role would be significant regardless of the era we live in. Therefore, teachers also need to upgrade themselves according to the online classes to fit the modern education system. It is important that teachers are comfortable with technology and can work seamlessly. 

  • AI will become a big thing. 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is becoming a big thing in the education system, and educators have to eradicate one size fits all approach that has been followed seamlessly in the education system. Students will have different opportunities to attain knowledge as they would be provided different content in the form of audio, presentations, video, and others. Personalize learning will become even bigger and better. 

  • Teachers will have redefined roles. 

All types of students will get enough attention to such a framework, and teachers will soon become facilitators along with mentors. Every piece of information will be one click away from students. Ultimately, the role of teachers will certainly be redefined. In this way, teachers will be assisting students to become lifetime learners. 

  • The curriculum would become simpler with technology.

The paper setting, grading, and evaluation will be all changed with technology. Teachers will be able to dedicate more time to creative learning and better ways to make students learn different aspects. 

These are some changes that are expected to occur in the education system that would clearly impact the pandemic. Students and educational institutions would take time to cooperate according to this but soon will follow it seamlessly. 

Adapting the ultra-modern education approach, MIT Vishwashanti Gurukul is a top boarding school in Pune that managed the pandemic situation thoughtfully without affecting students’ study. School managed to provide online classes and covered each aspect of different content types such as presentations, videos, audio, and others to help students learn better. The highly qualified staff managed to cooperate really well during this time and seamlessly conducted online classes and tests for keeping with students’ studies. 

MIT Vishwashanti Gurukul is trusted by parents seeing the highly reputed image that institutions have managed to maintain for years. Highly qualified staff, international education programs, and dedication to serving society are what make them lead.


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