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Early Years
Students loving their sessions

The Early Learners are loving their sessions, learning to explore, express, listen and appreciate; they miss the physical school no doubt but the balanced array of learning engagements where the students choose, plan and decide what they would like to do is making the units that we planned enriching, relevant and productive.
Rhyme Time day saw all the little ones reciting the poems or singing the rhymes live in online session. The confidence and the listening skills were worth appreciation as they patiently waited for their turns.

Science experiments

The Science Day was fun and full of experiments. The students loved exploring simple experiments and getting excited about the magic that is called Science.

Units being explored

The students displayed their creativity through art too.
EY1: The tiny-tots were engaged in learning letter sounds through stories, songs and naming the objects with that particular letter sound. The students were happy to sing and name the objects. They have begun to quantify numbers and love to play ‘Fetch’. Read More

Primary Years
Units being explored

PYP 1 Online Quiz : Inquizzitive On the 26th of February 2021, PYP 1 students participated in their first ever online competition. The Inquizzitive quiz has been a tradition at PYP for years challenging all students on their Current Affairs and General Knowledge. Read More

Fitness challenge

"You find that you have peace of mind and can enjoy yourself, get more sleep, and rest when you know that it was a one hundred percent effort that you gave–win or lose.” – NHL Hall of Famer Gordie Howe
Read More

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Middle Years Programme ( MYP )
Guest Lecture on Citation and Referencing

by Mr. Pradip Umdale.

A guest lecture was organized by Middle School English Department to guide students on Citations and Referencing for MYP 1 and MYP 2 students on the first week of February 2021. Read More

MYP2: Chart-making Competition

Students of MYP2 were encouraged to take part in the chart-making competition on the topic "Application of the waves across the world in various sectors." Students researched to their best on the given topic and presented the chart. It was a great attempt by the students to know more related to the unit through this research for the competition. They came up with new ideas related to the unit and solutions to many communication issues. The competition gave them an insight that the waves are everywhere even if one doesn't feel them. From Ms. Gunavati's class, Rucha Bagade bagged the first position while Bhuvi Vahi stood second in this chart-making competition.

MYP3: 'Space Talk Competition'

The junior Scientists of MYP3 were encouraged to participate in the 'Space Talk Competition' held on 22/01/2021. Students delivered extremely creative and humourous speeches which made the day entertaining for all. It also reflected their extensive research and knowledge related to Space. The parameter for the judgment was Content, Speaking Skills, Duration, and Language. Read More

MYP5: Guest Talk by Mr.Ashutosh ShuklaBARC scientist

A guest talk on Atomic and Nuclear Physics was delivered by Mr. Ashutosh Shukla, a scientist from BARC. He spoke to students about the ways in which the atomic model was developed over time and the main contributors in this field of study. Students asked questions and were engaged with Mr. Shukla by participating in this highly interactive talk.

Diploma Programme ( DP )
A report on Essay Competition

"When learning is purposeful, creativity blossoms. When creativity blossoms, thinking emanates. When thinking emanates, knowledge is fully lit." A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Essay writing is one of the most important mediums of self-expression through creative process. Read More

Poetry Composition Contest

"Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words." - Robert Frost DP English Department of MIT Vishwashanti Gurukul organized Eloquence - Poetry Composition Contest for all DP students to give an outlet to the creative juice of the budding poets. Read More

Spin a Yarn-Weaving a story based on newspaper headlines.

As part of the monthly class activity Hindi Department conducted a spin yarn weaving activity for DP 2 HL & SL. The students will be evaluated based on the following criteria: content, connectivity with the previous clue, diction, logical sequencing. The students were given the news paper headlines and they were supposed to prepare for one minute and speak and the other students was to connect to the story with another newspaper headline. The activity was fun and the students spoke very well !!.

Turn-a-coat competition- The Devil's advocate

Competitions are important in life as they challenge us and motivate us to do our best. Keeping the same thought in mind, the students of DP 1 were encouraged to participate in 'The Devil's Advocate', a competition in which they had to debate with themselves on the topics given.
Debating in itself is a skilful activity; debating with your own beliefs is a step forward. The participants skillfully presented their views, followed by their counter views. This competition not only exposed the students to enhance their communication skills in this virtual world but also enhanced their critical thinking and made them open-minded. The participants had to look at multiple aspects of the topic than to have a fixed idea.
The topics given to the students were based on the global discussions taking place in society. Achishmita Choudharry presented her views on the topic' 'Me first, others later' and secured the first position.
It was an enriching experience to listen to the participants representing challenging points of view.

Creativity Activity Service (CAS)
World Cancer Day

Cancer and COVID 19 have one thing in common, they don't differentiate between people. February 4th is celebrated as the World Cancer Day. The DP students decided to make a difference by creating awareness regarding cancer through various means. Read More

Creative thinking Session

'Think out of the box!' 'Think laterally!' we hear these phrases being thrown at our students often. This leaves them confused and makes them wonder what it means to think within the box first, so that they can think out of the box. The workshop by Ms Richa Chaturvedi the founder of EmpowHer focused on helping students to think creatively. This interactive interaction on the 9th February had students nodding in agreement and helped break many myths around thinking creatively. The DP2 students learned what creative thinking entailed and tips and tricks that they could actually use in daily life. This was a truly enriching session!

Alina Mirchandani
of DP 1

Alina Mirchandani of DP 1 donating her hair for cancer patients as part of her CAS activity

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The Gurukulian
MIT Vishwashanti Gurukul | Newsletter | february 2021 | Three Pages
From IBDP Coordinator's Desk

During the month of March twenty of our DP 1 students had the opportunity to participate in an International Youth TOK Conference held by an IB school in Istanbul and I was among the two teacher mentors for them. As a consequence of this I had the opportunity to observe various sessions in which our students participated. With around 1000 participants from 27 countries across the globe the conference offered a wonderful cultural exposure for our students. But what I found interesting was the insight it provided me into the challenges that students across the globe are facing due to the pandemic as I observed the discussion among IB students during one of the break out sessions, they shared how being away from their friends have affected them, how they feel misunderstood by the adults around them, how physically challenging it is to attend online classes, how they have missed out on so many social activities etc. Of course we all are aware of the challenges and we as adults have been supporting them in coping with the challenges. But it made me reflect if we have indeed done enough to support the young people we are responsible for? And it struck me that the most important thing that we need to do now is to appreciate their efforts.

It's been over a year since our children have been attending classes from their homes. Each day they have been joining classes online and then returning back to the same device to complete their homework. Month after month they have been studying from the confines of their homes with limited real social interaction. The challenges are many; including the physical challenges of having to sit for long hours in front of a screen and we are making attempts to support them through this but that is not the purpose of telling you all this. I request each one of you who read this to take a moment to pat your child on their back and tell that they are doing a wonderful job, tell them that you really appreciate their attempts to learn amidst the pandemic, tell them that you really appreciate their grit and dedication, tell them that you really appreciate their efforts irrespective of the results. We all need motivation and encouragement and as the responsible adults in the lives of our children we should take a moment to express our genuine appreciation to these brave young people living in this brave new world.

“Silent gratitude isn’t very much use to anyone.” – Gertrude Stein

Evelynn Sheen Singh
IBDP Coordinator

From IGCSE Coordinator's Desk

Anil P. Ghodake

Dear parents,

The Cambridge Assessment International Education is the first school board to conduct pen and paper examination in India this year. As Cambridge Internationale believes this is the fairest and most accurate way of assessing candidates’ performance. Cambridge International’s priority is delivering exams safely and fairly, allowing learners to progress.
Cambridge International March exam series is usually only available to centres in India. However, for 2021 only, centres in Myanmar, Indonesia and Nepal also made entries because they were unable to operate the November 2020 exam series due to the Covid-19 pandemic.
After consulting all the stakeholders, we decided to conduct IGCSE 2021 Examination by complying with local and national regulations due to Covid-19, and also by complying with Cambridge International regulations.
IGCSE Gr.10 Examination was conducted at our Vishwashanti Gurukul World School Centre from 29/01/2021 to 05/03/2021. We took extra measures to ensure that our students feel safe and confident.
We informed as well as instructed all the candidates and staff, including invigilators and examiners, in our centre about Covid 19 SOP’s given by the Government of India.
We had a contingency plan in case if any of our invigilators or examiners suddenly fall ill, or show symptoms of Covid-19, the examination at our centre will still go ahead as per the schedule.
While planning the Examination venue we ensured that all of our candidates could easily accommodate into the exam room while maintaining the social distancing arrangements norm.
We ensured that our candidates and invigilators were safe and comfortable before, during and at the end of every exam by taking following measures –
Each and every candidate, teaching and not teaching staff involved in conduction of the examination was tested for Covid-19 and was found negative.
• Allowing time between exams to clean the rooms and desks.
• Increasing the distance between the exam desks.
• Ensuring that invigilators and candidates wear masks.
• Frequent cleaning of the washrooms at regular intervals.
• Making sure that candidates maintain social distancing before they enter the exam room.
• Having a one-way system to allow candidates to move in an orderly manner in the exam room to their desk.
• Allowing candidates whose exam desks are further away from the entrance to enter the exam room first.
• Ensuring that candidates enter as well as leave the room one at a time maintaining social distancing.
IGCSE March 2021 Examination provisional results will be available on 25 May 2021. Whilst rigid seating plans, social distancing and mask wearing in classrooms present obstacles to our normal approaches to teaching and learning, the lessons we learned from Virtual School and the continued creativity of our teachers have led to innovations ensuring that the quality of learning is maintained as much as possible. We implemented all the protocols necessary to provide a safe environment whilst nurturing a stimulating and exciting learning experience to our students without compromising on the standards and practices of the programme. I would like to thank our parent community for your support, resilience and flexibility over the past year and especially during the recent weeks. This has allowed us to focus our attention on adapting our provision and offering the best possible education to our students. We wish them all the very best for their bright future.

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