Pune, Maharashtra - OCTOBER, 2020 - Early Years Programme / Primary Years Programme Section Page 2
Early Years
Welcoming environment for the students

Every day may not be good but there's something good in every day.
The students have settled in pretty well with the 'new normal' and getting a request to join the meeting from the student is not, unheard of. The little ones are becoming adept at muting/unmuting, trying their best to take turns to speak and listen to others carefully. The emphasis is on developing a cordial, welcoming environment for the students, wherein they find their own kind, to speak to and share their thoughts and learning. Read More

Celebrated Navratri

Celebrations are an integral part of the Early Years world, we celebrate festivals, important days and find joy in each other's personal celebrations. Right from the birthdays to the festive Navratri the students enjoyed learning with enthusiasm. They learned to dance 'Dandiya' and 'Garbha' in the dance session and enjoyed listening and retelling the stories connected to the festival to understand it's significance.
Navratri celebrations: The students followed the colour code and shared the way they celebrated.

Units being explored

The learning is in full swing too. The units being explored in the Early Years are on 'Animals and their homes', 'Transport' and 'Knowing you and me'. Numeracy/ literacy is interwoven in our units to a great extent. Number stories being created and equation formed independently' Venn diagrams to point out the similarities and differences Read More

Primary Years
Students showcased their talent

The month of October was filled with celebrations. Though the students were online they did not miss out on the fun or the learning and got the opportunity to display their talent and skills through a variety of activities.The PYP Students of Vishwashanti Gurukul had a grand virtual celebration on World Teachers day on 5th Oct. Read More .

Parents Testimonial

As we all stepped in the new session 2020-2021, there were many doubts about this change in system. Covid-19 has made a global impact and the situation has forced the schools to paralyse and the students to stay at home. Read More .

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MIT Vishwashanti Gurukul | Newsletter | OCTOBER 2020 | MIDDLE YEARS PROGRAMME | DIPLOMA PROGRAMME Section Page 3
Middle Years Programme ( MYP )
Mandala, Rangoli Art and Vegetable

Jewellery making

The Department of Visual arts organised a guest lecture demonstration for MYP 2 students on Vegetable Jewellery making, Mandala and Rangoli Art as a part of learning for the ongoing unit of Cultural Fiesta, on 9th October, 2020, at 4.00pm. Read More

Integrated Humanities

Guest Lecture with Mr.Sarthak Chandra.

The Integrated Humanities department has organised an Online guest session on 27th October,2020 with Mr. Sarthak Chandra, a member of our Parent Association, who shared his knowledge and experience with MYP-3 students on the Topic – "How New Technologies affects our identities and relationship?" Mr. Sarthak Chandra is an entrepreneur who had a successful roadmap of IT and ITES experiences. Children were excited to see him in the guest session as he is an owner of a Famous channel on Food and Travels "Chowdown my Lane". Read More

Real Life Application Of Distance Formula

Ms Parul [Mathematics Facilitator]

An activity on Math based on real life situations was conducted for MYP 3 students. They applied their knowledge and understanding of distance formulas in order to solve the equations. Students also represented their solutions graphically and shared the images of their work. Through this activity they developed their critical thinking skills and communication skills by using appropriate mathematical notations and terminologies. Read More

Proof of (a+b)2 = a2+2ab+b2

by Paper Cutting

An interesting activity was conducted for the students of MYP4 in which they had to prove an equation (a+b)2 = a2+2ab+b2 by paper cutting. In order to prove the equation, the students cut papers into pieces where the squares, i.e., a2 and b2 , is added to form a2+b2. Whereas, the two rectangles (ab and ab) are added to form 2ab. Hence, the square (a+b)2 is proved by adding all of them together. The students demonstrated their work by video and photos. Through this fun activity, the students gained an insight into how the formula is applicable in real-life situations. Read More

Diploma Programme ( DP )
Active learning – Presentation based learning.

Active learning is an educational strategy which in the process allows students to acquire knowledge, skills, values, and attitudes. Students are made to think critically or creatively, discuss the problem, express ideas, provide and receive feedback, and reflect upon the learning process. Among many active learning strategies, presentation-based learning activities are regarded as the core method to build student's active learning. With this method students develop, organise, and present ideas and materials on a particular topic. Chemistry students of DP1 had their presentations on different allotropes of carbon. Each student was given one allotrope and asked to present information on it using presentation tools of their choice like videos, PowerPoint presentation and paint. The presentation went very well with maximum participation. Read More

UPO BuzzFeed : October

October, November and December are the busiest months for the UPO as most of the students plan to submit their primary college applications in this period. However, we managed to organize few activities for our students while they have been gearing up for their Term 1 examinations: Here's a glimpse of the UPO activities in the past week of October 2020 Read More

Creativity Activity Service (CAS)
Understanding CAS

The last month has been very eventful. The students initiated group projects and chose advocacy as service theme. The DP 1 and DP 2 students all came up with excellent causes to advocate after a lot of brain-storming.They decided to advocate causes that needed attention close to home Read More

Video Lecture on Unit Function

As part of their CAS activity, a group of DP 1 students took the initiative to create a video lecture on Mathematics in which they explained basic concepts of Unit Function.Read More

Best Entry in Performance Poetry Competition

Making virtual learning a success. We thank and appreciate our students for their support and active participation in all the activities planned for them. Achishmita Choudharry's best entry in the performance poetry competition held for DP 1 English HL students.

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The Gurukulian
MIT Vishwashanti Gurukul | Newsletter | OCTOBER 2020 | Three Pages
From Principal's Desk

Welcome to our third edition of “The Gurukulian” , The present situations are transforming education in unprecedented ways. Our mission at present is strengthening the online learning and well-being of our students. During the interaction with the students it is evident that students are taking responsibility of their own learning and setting individual short term goals to achieve. Online learning is providing an opportunity to students and facilitators to understand and encourage optimal use of new technologies. As a team of facilitators we are emphasizing and focusing through the unit of inquiry on developing a positive self –concept and sense of identity , importance of personal and social values and the ability to response constructively to the world around them. In order to sustain the learning engagement of students, the facilitators have sought approaches, opportunities and experiences that are grounded in the students’ social context and that involve them in ‘big ideas’, through ‘rich task’ and ‘authentic assessment’ while also challenging their cognitive capacities. It is mind blowing to witness the e-presentations and commitment of completing the provided task by students. Honestly, this is a great moment to improve our practices and think about teaching and learning with a new perspective that will prepare children for the future, indeed our core team is working on same meticulously.
Apprecaite all parents support and cooperation . We will be patiently awaiting to welcome our students for face to face learning in safe and secured environment.

Mrs. Rama
Principal - PYP School

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