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Early Years
New Year, New Me, New Beginning.

The end of the year brings along with it reflective thoughts as well as the aspirations for the future.The students were happy to be back after Diwali break and shared their family traditions.

Christmas season bringing joy

As we moved into the month of December, we learnt about Christmas and all that it entails! The learning, gaining more depth and the magic of Christmas season bringing joy in everyday life. Read More

Units being explored

EY 1 students enjoyed listening to stories presented in many ways and made craft for the characters in the stories. They worked on their gross motor skills through enjoyable games during PE and dance sessions. The hands on approach to learning continued with the support from the parents. They are getting better at communication, quantifying, comparing and sorting with constant practise. Read More

Primary Years
Reflection of learning

This newsletter articles of PYP section are the compilation of all the responses of students for their assessment tasks and reflections during the third unit of Inquiry.

Units being explored

PYP 3: The Unit on Green friends under the theme 'Sharing the Planet' enlightened a sense of responsibility in the students of PYP 3 towards the environment.Read More

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MIT Vishwashanti Gurukul | Newsletter | November-December 2020 | MIDDLE YEARS PROGRAMME | DIPLOMA PROGRAMME Section Page 3
Middle Years Programme ( MYP )
Handwriting activity

Handwriting, as they say, is a way to one’s soul. Writing on paper vis-à-vis writing on screen has many benefits that includes improved memory, fine motor skills, and increased attention span. An inter-class handwriting competition was organized by the English Department of MIT Vishwashanti Gurukul for MYP students ranging from MYP 1 to MYP 4 in the month of October. It was an opportunity for them to display their competence in writing a good hand. The sole purpose of this activity was to improve the calligraphy skills of the students. It was organized in respective online classrooms. Students enthusiastically participated in the activity and winners were declared after a careful perusal of their handwriting skill by competent judges. From the “Junior” section (MYP 1 and 2), first position was given to Aashna from MYP 2, second position was given to Advait from MYP 1, and third position was given to Aanvi from MYP 1. From the “Senior” section (MYP 3 and 4), first position was given to Shivika from MYP 3,second position was given to Kanishka from MYP 3 and third position was given to Ridhima from MYP 3.

MYP2 guest lecture

by Mrs. Sulaxmi Kurade

As a part of the school initiated programme, Dr. Sulaxmi Kurade was invited as a guest speaker for MYP2. Mrs. Sulaxmi Kurade is a pathologist consultant at Jehangir Hospital. She shared some vital information regarding the pandemic created by COVID-19 with students. She informed students about the virus, how it works and spreads, who can get easily affected, why it is important for the affected person to stay quarantined, and the importance of social distancing. She also suggested some preventive measures for the same. Dr. Sulaxmi demonstrated the steps of washing the hands thoroughly. She also shared her experience of dealing with several COVID-19 patients. It was an informative guest lecture and great learning for students. Students clarified all their doubts related to this pandemic.

Poetry recitation


'To read a poem is to hear it with our eyes; to hear it is to see it with our ears'- Octavio Paz
Poetry recitation is an essential skill for every student. Reciting a poem enables them to examine it more intimately, experience and appreciate the art of writing poems in a newer light. The Department of English (Middle School) organized a Poetry Recitation Competition for students of MYP 1 to 4 and IGCSE Grade 9 to provide them a platform to showcase their oratory skills. The event was conducted on 18th and 19th of December 2020. The theme for MYP 1 and 2 was “Save the Environment” and for MYP 3, MYP 4 and IGCSE Grade 9 it was “Mental Health”. Students participated enthusiastically and had put their talent on display. In the ‘junior’ group, Bhuvi Vahi of MYP 2 bagged the first rank, Devansh Indalkar of MYP 2 ranked second and the third rank was jointly held by Jeremiah Lorenzo of MYP 2 and Essa Chakkiwala of MYP 1. While in the ‘senior’ section, Pranjal Mirpuri of MYP 3 stood first, Divisha Bahal of MYP 3 ranked second and the third position was again jointly held by Pragya Mittal of IGCSE-4 and Nicole Johnson of MYP 3.

Activity-based learning [IGCSE]


'Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.' (Benjamin Franklin)
Activity based learning is a process of learning by doing. It helps students to enhance their own learning through various methods, one such is practical based. A Chemistry student of grade 9 IGCSE Kushal Padshala is a very good example of this. He made a working model of an electrolytic cell out of the waste materials like plastic glass, iron nails and wires. Kushal demonstrated working of the electrochemical cell in our online class using a common salt solution. He has made a video for this and has uploaded on his YouTube channel. This not only helped him in developing his scientific skills but also his creative and critical thinking skills. View Video

Activity-based learning

Acids, bases, and salts

Fun learning is a holistic approach to education which helps an individual in his overall development. Keeping this mind MYP 5 chemistry students had many activity-based learning in their unit “Acid, bases and salts”. Different activities were planned in groups and as individual projects. Activities like making videos on ‘Red Cabbage Chemistry – indicator’, posters and blogs on ‘Acid rains and their impact’ and ‘Acid attacks’ helped students to show their creativity and communication skills. The unit was linked to the global context ‘Identities and Relationship’ wherein the students were able to reflect on human dignity, moral reasoning, ethical judgment, consciousness, and mind while studying acids and its impact on society and environment.

Diploma Programme ( DP )
Say no to drugs!

Drug abuse is one of the important problems faced in the modern society. It is the misuse or overindulgence in drug which results in psychological and physiological harm to individuals involve in it. In a recent it shows that teen drug abuse has become a serious issue in many countries. Many young people become dependant on many different types of substances and medicines that come in hand in hand with narcotics. To give light on this, Chemistry students of DP1 And DP2 conducted an assembly on Drug Abuse, where they presented many facts on drugs, the chemistry of it, how it affects one’s body and mind, the reason for addiction in teens. A play on a teen boy and his addiction, posters and presentation were different forms used in the assembly to make people aware about it. Read More

Creativity Activity Service (CAS)
Service and creativity

Service and creativity have dominated the last term for the DP students. The last term has seen amazing student initiated service experiences from the point of view of advocacy. Read More

Physics monday assembly

Students presented their CAS connections to the units of Energy production, Electricity and Magnetism, and the Atomic Physics during the PHYSICS Monday assembly held on 14th Dec 2020. The assembly was presided over by teaches Ms Priji Anant, Dr. Vaibhav Kaware, and by the homeroom teachersRead More

UPO BuzzFeed : December

After a bit of time off in the mid-week of November, the UPO is back in action with University applications and information sessions. While the senior year students have dived deep into their college applications, the juniors have geared up to building their college list. To help them in their actions, the UPO continued to facilitate information sessions with various university delegates. On 27th of November, delegates from the Arts University Bournemouth addressed our students and walked them through the career opportunities in the field of creative arts and design. Read More

Hindi story writing

As part of the monthly class activity DP 1& 2 students took part in story writing. It was an activity to inculcate the habits of reading and writing which will help them to begin the process of self-awareness. With this initiative to groom our students and to contribute to building their talent. Students showcased their writing skills and imagination power. They plotted stories in various forms after reading the starting lines given, such as fiction, biography etc. Students’ efforts were appreciable.

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The Gurukulian
MIT Vishwashanti Gurukul | Newsletter | November-December 2020 | Three Pages
From Principal's Desk

I would like to wish all our parents and students a very Happy New Year! Though, last year has been different for obvious reasons, but despite the restrictions imposed by the pandemic, this year is coming together to be evident albeit than normal.
Well, it’s time to get back to school with raised spirits and jubilant hearts after a wonderful Christmas & New Year holidays.
You, my students, have unmatched potential to do things that are impossible, and I wish that you explore your strengths in this year and enjoy great success in every phase of life. I heartily wish that this year brings to you more strength and more dedication and I do pray that you are able to achieve all your goals with your matchless commitment and sincerity.
Respected Parents, we are dedicated to helping students stay on track with their virtual classes, activities and exams. The efforts of many people have come to the fore in keeping spirits high. In particular, I would like to thank all the students who have performed in various virtual activities/programmes of the school throughout the year and the parents for encouraging them to participate.
I believe the force is guiding us through this time of pandemic and we continue the journey of life. Let us change our outlook and hopefully that will make the New Year brighter.

“ Stay strong. Stay safe. Help others. Stay connected. ”

Mr. Venu Gopal

From PYP Principal's Desk

Mrs. Rama shinde

Welcome to our fifth edition of “The Gurukulian”. A warm wish to all the students & parents for the new normal year 2021. Hope this year brings in a lot of positive thoughts for our budding students and their wellbeing.

Food for thought to begin the calendar year 2021!
Disposition and temperament
“Sow a thought and you reap an act.
Sow an act and you reap a habit.
Sow a habit and you reap a character.
Sow a character and you reap a destiny.”

I am sure our students know the above four lines and will remember throughout their life. We, your well-wishers keep checking self-habits which we are inculcating every day in you. We all must learn to emphasize, introspect, and make connections with the environment. Please remember the UN has designated the year 2021 as ‘International Year of Peace & Trust ‘as well as the Year of ‘International Year of Fruits & vegetables.

Keep reminding yourself as a student, what are you thinking and how would you like to make this calendar year different in shaping you.

We are continuing online learning and, in this journey, witness your sheer joy, smile, doubts, additional homework, and excitement with inspiration to try more.

My dear students, your sparkling eyes, verbal and non-verbal communication share a lot of untold stories to us. We hope the wait ends soon to experience in-person interaction until then stay safe and keep learning new things!

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