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Early Years
Learning shapes through craft activity

What we’re learning! Patterns help us to discover the world,creating a patterns with available objects at home

Experiments and Playing

EY 3 is inquiring into the form water with the help of the experiments and playing ‘I spy'. They found many things at home that were liquid like water and transparent like water. The experiments with water helped them to conclude that water had no shape, no colour, no taste, and no smell. It can become solid like ice when frozen or vapour when heated. They enjoyed making videos of their findings and shared it with friends.

The PYP Physical Education session

for the month of July focused on Knowing the Human body, Stretching, its types and its importance along with the names of major muscles of the human body. Students showcased great enthusiasm and active participation in group discussion as well as practical performance during the sessions to learn the same.

Primary Years
Homes Learning Engagement

PYP 1 students went through an engaging shapes and patterns house making activity. Read More

Chess week: 19th – 23rd July

In the month of July, Students of PYP enjoyed theme-based activities throughout the week. It helped them to express themselves in various activities through Language, Arts and PE. Read More

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MIT Vishwashanti Gurukul | Newsletter | July – August 2021 | MIDDLE YEARS PROGRAMME | DIPLOMA PROGRAMME Section Page 3
Middle Years Programme ( MYP )
Final Assessment for The Academic Year 2020-2021

‘Assessment is today’s means of modifying tomorrow’s instruction’ - Carol Ann Tomlinson Assessments are done to evaluate the academic readiness, learning progress and skill development of an individual. Compared to all the years in educational history, this academic year was unusual yet exciting. It was full of new experiences, from shifting to physical schooling and accepting the new-normal of online teaching and learning, from classroom setups to MS teams and so on from physical assessments to online assessments. Read More

MYP5 Assessments-May 2021

Evaluation, feedback and assessments are stepping stones to success in the student’s learning journey. Considering the prevailing pandemic condition, the IB board gave the MYP-5 students the opportunity to appear for the board examination by arranging the Alternative task Assessments. In light of the current circumstances surrounding the May 2021 examination session the board examinations could not be conducted physically within the school premises thus IB had allowed students to appear for the board e-assessment from their home comforts or a suitable venue. Read More



The Cambridge Assessment International Education is the first school board to conduct pen and paper examination in India this year. As Cambridge Internationale believe this is the fairest and most accurate way of assessing candidates’ performance. Cambridge International’s priority is delivering exams safely and fairly, allowing learners to progress. IGCSE Grade.10 Examinations were conducted physically at our Vishwashanti Gurukul World School Centre itself. We took extra measures to ensure that our students feel safe and confident. The exam committee informed and instructed all the candidates and staff, including invigilators and examiners, in our centre about Covid 19 SOP’s given by the Government of India.
The much-awaited IGCSE March 2021 examinations results were declared recently and following is brief overview of the same: Overall, 30 students have appeared during the March 2021 session, out of which 8 students have achieved ICE - International Certificate in Education "Distinction" and 10 students have achieved "Merit" with 9 students achieving "Pass" category and 3 students receiving U - Ungraded in different subjects.
Overall, 60% of the students who appeared have secured Distinction & Merit category.
The total number of Grades achieved in A*, A, B, C, D are comparatively more than the last academic year, which is a good sign despite the fact the entire year we were on online teaching mode.
Ms. Riya Kotiyawala has topped the school with 8 A* in all 8 subjects followed by Ms. Palak Lodha with 6A* & 2 A.
We are also grateful to all our students and parent community for the extended support, patience and cooperation received throughout this challenging yet happening academic year accepting the new-normal of online teaching.
On the behalf of our MIT Family, we congratulate both the students and their parents and teachers for such a wonderful performance and achievement. We are sure that there are more feathers to be added to our cap in the coming future academic years.

Chemistry Activity

Acid: Boon to bane. Acid Attack is a horrific act occurring in many countries around the world. It is a form of violent assault defined as the act of throwing acid on one’s body with the intention to disfigure, maim, torture, or kill. Acid is a corrosive substance and can damage skin to a greater extent. An activity on poster making and blog writing was done by chemistry students of MYP 5 and DP 2 to give more light on this issue. Students of MYP 5 prepared amazing posters on spreading awareness about acid attacks and the aid for it, while the DP2 students posted blogs giving information on how and why these attacks happen. Students explained the chemistry of acids and how it affects the victim’s physical and emotional health. This activity helped students to developed learner profile attributes like thinker, communicator and principled. Read More

Diploma Programme ( DP )
Alumni talk

Vishwashanti Gurukul Alumni talk about their creative careers. The Visual Arts department organised an insightful session with the alumni who have chosen careers in art and design on 8th and 9th July 2021 for the students who have opted for the subject in the DP1 and 2. They were benefited with the interaction as their seniors spoke about the importance of choosing visual art if they wanted to pursue art and design related careers. Read More

Biology Activity

Inquiry based learning help in understanding the topic in depth. DP-2 Biology students have taken the research-based activity on Human Genome Project and its importance. Students have shared their understanding and learning through an audio recording and a presentation. This has helped them to become more knowledgeable and confident in understanding the most debated topic in Biology. Read More

Research Activity

Activity- Air quality in different arts of the world and action plan DP_2 ESS students have experienced inquiry-based learning through a research-oriented task. Students have collected the data on air quality in different parts of the world during pandemic time and they have suggested an action plan for the same to improve the air quality. They have shown their creativity through an e-poster and it was assessed by their peers in the class. Read More

Guest Lecture on Know TECH – BREAK

Guest Lecture on Know TECH – BREAK : Know Tech- No- Logy On Monday the 26th of July 2020, the students of DP 1 and DP 2 gathered to welcome our Guest Lecturer MS Poonam Mashru, the founder and CEO of SOFTPRO IT. Ms Poonam is a digital marketing expert with over 29 years of experience in the field of Marketing and training. She is acknowledged as one of Mumbai’s best digital marketing trainer. Ms Poonam in her 1 hour conversation with our students threw light on the positive and negative effects of technology on cognition with help of real life examples. She shared the history of how social media websites successfully hook the target audience and gave tips to use technology effectively by creating responsible branding for oneself instead of letting technology use us. It was an enriching session which holistically covered the pros as well as the cons of Technology in relation to our cognitive processes. Read More

TOK:Is mathematics a language

A TOK class was conducted on the “Unit : Number & Algebra” in which they will be dealing heavenly with Symbols and Notations to solve problem sums. This leads to the thought provoking question that whether Mathematics can also be considered as a language? Read More

DP 2 French BSL

As a summer holiday homework DP 2 French B SL students had to learn a French song and perform it. Here is a video of that performance – They preferred not to be visible in the video but for the voice and the music. I hope this is alright for the social media on our school accounts. Read More

UPO BuzzFeed : July 2021

The UPO was abuzz with activities over the weekend to help students prepare better for colleges. Here’s a glimpse of the activities that were organized in July 2021 Read More

Poster making

The students came out with the social organizations which help the stray dogs. During there vacations and the covid -19 pandemic situation they have seen that the stray dogs have been suffering and as everyone is at home and are stressed and loosing their patience. The entire frustration is coming on the stray dogs. People don’t like them bark and hit them or poison them. Read More

Mindfulness Session

Covid -19 brought a huge change in education system. During this Pandemic period SCHOOLING transformation occurred i.e. offline schooling to online schooling. As we all believe in change and learning required skills for the same, Session on Mindfulness during online learning was held on 16th July 2021, For Grade 11th students. Read More

14 July - French National Day

14 July - French National Day celebrations by IBDP1 and IBDP 2 students Being open minded and fostering international mindedness is very important in the IB curriculum. Keeping that in mind -The 14 th July, French National Day was celebrated by our IBDP 1 and IBDP 2 French students with great enthusiasm. They had many fun filled class activities like sandwich making activity with writing the recipe in French, T shirt painting activity with French words to appreciate French culture. Read More

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The Gurukulian
MIT Vishwashanti Gurukul | Newsletter | July – August 2021
From Principal's Desk

It has been over a year now since we have been operating online however the new normal does not seem to surprise us even today. But what really seems to amaze us always is the resilience that our student community has shown through this time. We are proud of our students' outstanding performance in the MYP, IGCSE and DP examinations. They have come out with flying colours despite the challenges that the pandemic has posed and we know that behind their success is the unstinting support of the parents and teachers. We are also proud of our little PYPians for the outstanding way in which they have adapted to online learning. It has been a year of highs and lows, where some community members have experienced great personal loss and faced a lot of struggles but we have braved it all together. And as we enter another academic year it would be foolish not to acknowledge that fact that we face an untrodden road ahead. What is important for us right now is to remember that we are not alone on this road ahead. We have each other to support us through and the promise of a better tomorrow. I thank our parents for having faith in us and for their steady support, our teachers for their selfless dedication and our students for their remarkable resilience. I feel confident that no matter what we will be able to lead our students to success through yet another academic year. I am excited to see our students scale new heights this academic year and wish them all the best!

Mr. Venu Gopal

DP Students Emerge with Flying Colours!.

We congratulate the batch of May 2021 for the excellent results they have produced. We are proud to announce that two students have score 44 IB points out of 45 with 7 in all six of their subjects. We are very proud of Tejas Balaji and Aaryam Sharma on this splendid achievement. The 12% of the IBDP students have crossed 40 IB points this time and the class average is 32 IB points with 5.22 being the average grade.

Our heartiest congratulations to the batch of 2021 and we wish them luck in their higher education pursuits. We thank our parents and teachers for being pillars of strength to our students and pushing them to new heights of success.

Address: Rajbaug, Next to Hadapsar Loni - Kalbhor, Pune-Maharashtra-India - 412 201 | Website: www.mitgurukul.com | Contact us: +91 20 67560 159 / 176
Admissions Contact: +91 96040 29199 / +91 83088 04702 / +91 88056 40202 | Write us: admissions@mitgurukul.com