Shram Dan Divas | Gandhi Jayanti

It was our privilege to have the ISCKON Gurujis visit our school to conduct the Value Education cum Community Service and Action session on the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti, 2nd October 2022, a day declared as ‘Shram Dan Divas.’ A tree plantation drive was planned on the same day in the afternoon for our MYP 4, 5, and DP1, 2 students of our school.

The Gurujis took a very interactive session and shared their insightful knowledge on the importance of planting trees and explained the importance of ‘Shram Dan Divas’. The takeaway messages for the students were to be responsible global citizens and take care of Mother Nature. Also, learn to work smart and not hard. The Gurujis shared anecdotes to help students connect and comprehend the importance of rendering their services to Mother Nature as so many benefits are showered selflessly by Mother Nature on each one of us.
Following which, under the guidance of the Gurujis and our school gardener, our students were made to till the ground to plant some saplings of some important trees brought by the gurujis. The gurujis also emphasized the fact that it is the students’ responsibility of taking care of these plants to ensure that they grow well.

It was a pleasure to watch our students work in collaboration, to till the ground and caringly plant the saplings which they agreed unanimously to take care of. Through this session and activity, we hope to nurture in our students the value to become responsible and empathetic toward mother nature and learn to take care of the planet.