Looking for a School for your Child? These things will help you!

School – a place that would bring about a thousand emotions in a child.

A school is a place that holds the responsibility of shaping the future of a child. It is responsible for ensuring the all-round development of a child. So, it would not be wrong to say that the nation’s future lies in the hands of a school. If such an important role is assigned to an institution, choosing the best institution for your child is extremely important.

Factors to consider while choosing School for your Child:

As a parent, you might look for several factors that help you form the decision to choose that school. These are a few of the factors that you as a parent might look for whilst making a decision regarding the schooling of your child.

1. Academic excellence

The main purpose of a parent sending a child is to study and gain knowledge. So, a school must provide a quality education that makes a child capable of dealing with worldly woes.
An ideal school is one that would not turn your child into a bookworm but impart knowledge in its true sense.

2. Co-curricular participation

As important as academic excellence is for a child, co-curricular activities play an equally important role in the development of a child. Activities like sports, dance, music, theatre, and other activities provide an exposure to the child, which is quite necessary and makes his development truly all-round.

3. Safety and security

A safe and secure environment is one of the essential factors a parent looks for in a school. If a parent doesn’t feel that his child is safe and secured, he would never feel the confidence to send their child away from them.
Also, the safety and security of a place affect the mental health and performance of a child. Thus, it is an extremely important factor for deciding on a school.

4. Faculty and Staff

A school’s true standard is set by how experienced and trained its faculty members are. A preferred school is one that has expert faculty members of every subject and stream. Apart from their academic skills, they must be trained to tackle a child on a better mental and emotional level and simultaneously maintain interaction with their parents.
Thus, good faculty members are another positive that adds to a good school.

5. Infrastructure

A good school must have an infrastructure that supports all the activities of a child. Good and spacious classrooms, labs for various purposes, good playgrounds, neat and hygienic washrooms, a dispensary are a few of the things that may count as infrastructure. A parent prefers to send their child to a school that provides them with multi-facilities.

6. Management

Management of a school could also be seen as a deciding factor. A school with strong management ensures the hearts of a parent that their child is being taught in a good school. Management of a school displays the ethics, discipline, and working style of a school. Thus, it may be another deciding factor.


Since school performs such crucial role in a child’s life; it is extremely essential that a good school is chosen which is based on several factors. Therefore, to make it easy for you, one elite institution with a proven record of academic excellence and producing global citizens is MIT Vishwashanti Gurukul.
As one of the top residential schools in Pune, MIT Vishwashanti Gurukul fulfils every criterion one seeks in a school. It can undoubtedly turn out to be the best investment for your child.

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