“Travel, in the younger sort, is a part of education; in the elder, a part of experience’’

rightly quoted by Francis Bacon.

We at MIT Vishwashanti Gurukul, an IB World School believe that in order to make our learners caring and open-minded global citizen, they need to travel to get the right exposure and first-hand experience. It has been an integral part of our curriculum to organize international and domestic excursions to famous destinations and countries to provide our students with enriching experiences to enhance their knowledge and for their holistic development. This year the international trip was organized to the USA, it was a 10 days’ tour to Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and San Francisco. Our students visited a number of famous destinations, Universities, observatories, museums, theme parks, shopping centers, etc. They were given time to explore, understand and to learn do wise shopping too.

Los Angeles

The day we arrived our students were taken on the city tour to Los Angeles, it was a guided exploration. The students were excited to see Rodeo Drive, Hollywood, a larger-than-life symbol of entertainment and business. Being the most famous and renowned tourist destination our students got the opportunity to visit the most famous landmarks like the TCL Chinese Theatre with the handprints and footprints of great personalities and the star-studded Walk of fame, the home of the Oscar. The highlights also included paramount pictures of music venues, Madame Tussauds Wax museum and the Dolby theatre. We had a wonderful tour guide who gave us a lot of information about Hollywood stars and all the activities related to entertainment and movies. All the important events and happenings that take place in LA as we were touring the city from LA to Beverly hills.

The visit to the New York Film Academy was very informative as the students gained in-depth knowledge of how a film is made, the use of different cameras, the lights, sound and prop room. The students gained a lot of information on how animated game designing is done. The most exciting part which our students found was that most of their favourite movies were filmed at NYFA.

After which we visited the UCLA -the University of California, Los Angeles The campus tour was given by two young super energetic students studying at UCLA. Our students were surprised to know that the huge campus includes 163 buildings across 419 acres of land. We were awestruck to see the beautifully constructed buildings and the mind-blowing architecture. Overall it was an awesome experience as our students got to know the end number of subject options, various opportunities, and widespread clubs. We were extremely proud to meet our alumni Shrenik Kankaria who also motivated our students to think of the option of studying at UCLA.

The highlight of the entire trip to LA was the visit the Universal Studios in Hollywood: a realm of dreams! The students spent an entire day at Universal a family park, it has rides for both thrill lovers and kid lovers. Mellow, relaxing 3D demonstrations and shows along with scream rendering roller coasters. Our students were spell-bound at the interesting implementation and use of VR, 3D and 5D immersion to simulate big roller coasters, this was pretty interesting. The famed Hogsmeade village from the Harry Potter franchise and the overwhelming rides were highly fascinating

Las Vegas

Our next destination was Las Vegas it was a long bus drive. After shopping at the Las Vegas Factory Outlet in the evening we entered the city which never sleeps and were awestruck to see the city of lights, it's magnificent buildings, Eiffel tower hotel, the Caesars Palace. The best part was the wonderful water show of the 'Fountains of Bellagio.' It was a spectacular show of interwoven water, music and light which mesmerized us. The water swirled and twisted and looked like as if it was dancing. The next morning the students enjoyed their bus drive to Hoover Dam and a visit to the Grand Canyon. The breath-taking view of the natural formation of mountains distinguished by layered bands of red rock were mind-blowing.

San Francisco

Our final destination was San Francisco we took a bus to explore SFO and first went to Pier 39 to shop and look at the famous haunted prison of Alcatraz. Then we visit is a famous Science Exploratorium where there were multiple amazing scientific artefacts, inventions, and facts to learn from. The students got hands-on experience as they conducted each experiment. All the children had a blast in the Exploratorium and were enjoying it. On route, our tour guide introduced us to the widest streets, fancy restaurants, Abraham Lincoln Monument, Golden gate bridge and why is it not golden but red and also learned that the fortune cookie was actually made in San Francisco's Japanese tea garden. We got down to get a few good clicks even though it was freezing cold and windy. Next, we headed to the Design Technologist Propelland where we came to know how people get together of the same minds. They shared their innovative ideas and their way of working to help various brands and companies to deliver the best to the end customers.

Then, we visited an awesome place the Twin Peak from where we had a breath-taking view of the entire city. It was pretty chilly there but we all took loads of pictures. After that, we went to the Golden Gate Bridge where we clicked snaps and went to a Golden Gate souvenir store. After another bus ride, we went to Hiller Aviation Museum where we learned about planes and played a game that made us learn about flying planes. We had a race after a few minutes by making our own planes. We went to the gift shop after the rave to get some souvenirs. Later, we headed for shopping to a mall the Sun-Valley Concord California to shop for. Next day we headed to the CEM Intel Museum and learned about the revolution of the technology. The biography of the founders. In the museum there all kinds of intriguing technological events placed as chart boards and pictures. Our students also got ourselves involved in some of the awesome activities that were displayed After the museum was done, the students got a little time to shop at the NASA Research Centre for some souvenirs.

Stanford University’s campus is a sprawling 8000 acres and is also called 'The Farm'. We were glad to know that some of their students are the creators of Facebook, Google, Instagram and the heads of many other famous companies are from here. We learned about the huge number of courses offered on this campus. The university is proud of its achievements in sports as well with a maximum number of Olympics gold medallists. It would be a dream come true to earn a scholarship to study at this prestigious university. Then the students also visited the Intel Museum and the APPLE HQ Visiting Center where the students were given a tab to have a glance at the Apple headquarters through augmented reality.

Overall a great knowledgeable experience which allowed our students to be independent, bond with friends and teachers and carry home fond memories captured in loads of photographs as souvenirs of the entire trilling excursion to the dream destination-USA.

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