How to Score 40+ Points in IBDP?

How to score 40+ Points in IBDP?
The IBDP or International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme is one of the best options you could consider for the holistic development of your child. With a keen focus on intercultural awareness, IBDP makes sure that your child is well-equipped with skills like critical thinking and open-mindedness.

The diploma program has a challenging academic curriculum that would make your child an acquaintance with the skills required for higher education and university studies. This diploma program is well-balanced to cater to the needs of the child during that particular age group. Therefore, having a good score is essential not only from a future perspective but also from a personal growth perspective as well.

These are a few of the ways in which you can ensure 40+ points in IBDP

1. Choose subjects wisely

Choosing your subjects is one of the core decisions which would affect how much you score eventually. The subjects you choose must be the ones you are genuinely interested in, not the ones you choose, owing to peer pressure.
The subjects chosen must be well-balanced, easy, and scoring too. In other words, the tougher subjects must be chosen in combination with a few easy subjects as well, which balances your workload.

2. Make a schedule

A smart schedule must be prepared, which distributes your time fairly to all subjects. Proper times must be given to breaks as well. Time tables would reduce the chances of procrastination and wastage of time on one subject.
The utilization of time plays an important role in determining your final score. Therefore, a schedule is a must if you desire to score more than 40 points in your IBDP.

3. Maximize use of resources at school

The resources your school provides must be used to their fullest potential as they would aid you in your studies. Such resources may not be available at your home; therefore, you could not afford to waste those resources. Furthermore, these resources would eventually help you to understand your study course material and curriculum experimentally and in the best possible manner. Therefore, good usage of your school resources must be ensured.

4. Ask Questions

The hesitancy to ask questions must be avoided as it would clutter all the doubts in your mind, which would lead to unclear concepts, which would eventually lower your academic score. Therefore, the inquisitive mindset must be maintained at all times, and the teacher must ask questions at every stage.
The clearer your doubts, the better are your chances to eventually score well.

5. Smart work instead of hard work

Smart work is always better than hard work. You could study for hours and still score less than those studying merely for two hours. You must adopt new learning styles which make the best use of time and clear your concepts; instead of cramming, the focus must be given to experimentation.
Therefore, smart working is one of the essentials for scoring 40+ points in IBDP.

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