How to encourage Parental friendship with teenager children?

Teenage is one such phase where children witness drastic changes, not just hormonal but also environmental. Though children start becoming more mature, unfortunately, this phase often leads to differences between their parents. Probably because of the generation gap or difference in opinions; however, it does not mean that there is no way out.

Parents always play an important role in their child’s life. Be it as a guide, mentor, or even as a best friend. But parents really need to consider the changes a child is going through, especially when puberty hits. Instead of typical parenting, a slight change in the approach can turn out to be the ultimate solution to the problem. After all, every teenager needs a friend who can support them in every stage of life, so it is important for parents to develop a friendship with their child.

According to research, it was observed that children whose parents encourage a bond of friendship with them perform better in their life. Therefore, to assist you with building parental friendship, we have mentioned the best 5 ways below, which are –

1. Be Sincerely Supportive:
A growing child in their teenage stages expects a combination of emotional, physical, and financial support from their parents. So, it is important for parents to be supportive and present for their child in each and every situation.
A parent’s supportive nature encourages their friendship with their child and creates a positive image in their child’s mind that their parents are present in their good and in their struggling times.

2. Learn to Listen:
Many parents are unaware of their child’s life, like who their friends are, their school and social life, what their interests are, etc. Due to such issues, teenagers also hesitate to share their feelings with their parents.
Therefore, to eliminate any such issues, it is crucial for parents to start listening to them as well as talking to them by sharing musical interests, talking on common topics and many more. Over a due course of time, they will be able to share everything and anything with you.

3. Be Available to Your Children:
To develop a meaningful friendship with your child, it is highly important to be available to your children whenever they need you. Being available to your child always makes them feel confident to face every difficult situation in their life.
Playing various games, quizzes, and spending time with your child helps in developing a good friendship bond.

4. Be Genuine:
Always try to be genuine in front of your child; your child must believe that their parent’s feelings, love, or attachment for them is completely genuine and not pretending. A parent’s genuine feeling will help your child to understand that you are also among their true friends who are always with them.

5. Appreciate Them:
Another better way to build a bond of good friendship with your children is to appreciate them at every stage of their life. Whether your child performs well in any competition or exams or not, you should always appreciate your child.
Appreciating your child will always make them confident to face other competitions in the future.

It is important for parents to respect their child, but it is also important for a growing teenager to be expressive with their parents. Spending hours at school also becomes a responsibility of the school to keep a check on the child. Unfortunately, only elite schools practice such a system.

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