How the Environment of School fosters Creativity among Students?

Today is an era where creativity and uniqueness are valued more than bookish knowledge. Gone are the days when bookish knowledge could land you in good places. School is the foundation of the career of a child.

So, the environment of schools influences the nature and mindset of the child to a large extent. Therefore, it is essential that a good school is chosen for a child that focuses on wholesome development and nourishes a child’s creative instincts. A child’s mind is like wet mud, which a school could sculpt into anything desirable. Thus, an ideal school is the one that helps children to pursue their true passions and unleash the true creativity in them.

The following points enlighten how the environment of school can foster creativity among students –

1. Practical knowledge

Apart from theoretical knowledge, a school must adopt practicality in their studying pattern. If a school teaches its students practically, they understand the true essence of a concept and apply it creatively in life when needed.
Laboratories, design labs, etc., encourage to use of theoretical knowledge creatively. Thus, an environment that encourages practicality in a child will surely promote creativity in a child.

2. Encourage a multi-dimensional study approach.

A creative mindset could only be formed when a child has indulged himself in a multi-disciplinary approach. A multi-disciplinary approach makes a student capable of thinking through various perspectives. Thus, a school should encourage multi and inter-disciplinary approaches. It truly encourages creativity in a child as he becomes knowledgeable of various fields.

3. Provide an all-round experience

An all-round experience is a must to ensure creativity in a child. If equal attention is given to every aspect like art, theatre, sports, music, dance, and students are allowed to pursue their true passions; creativity would be a basic product of a school.
Also, if classes are made more interactive through real-life examples, story sessions, videos, etc., creativity could be fostered.

4. Nurture the creative instincts of the child

Such an environment must be created at a school that appreciates a child’s ideas, beliefs, and passions. If a child with good academic achievements is appreciated, creativity would be suppressed in a child. An environment that allows students to implement their ideas could encourage creativity in a child. Thus, an appreciating, innovative and creative environment is a must in a school.

5. Introduce various programs and competitions

Various programs and competitions should be conducted at timely intervals in a school. Various programs that make students aware of various skills and competitions that test those skills are a must in a school.
If a student does not get a platform to show his creative talents, he might think of these skills as waste and never truly pursue his true passion and creative skills.

Thus, it is quite evident that schools play an important role in fostering creativity among students. Apart from other important functions a school plays, fostering creativity and innovation is another. Also, a good school understands the importance of creativity in the future career prospects of a child.

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