How does the diploma program of MIT Vishwashanti Gurukul prepare your child for the real world?

Education has changed dynamically in the last ten years, and the new national education policy is the epitome of 21st century education. It is the landmark achievement in the educational sphere because it has put forward the idea of holistic development among children, which was lacking in our older curriculum, which was adopted on a wide scale.

IB curriculum, which is new in this league, started with these ideals much before. The bedrock of this curriculum is activity-based learning, which is integral to clear the concepts and inculcate the main motive of studying subjects. Now, this curriculum is adopted in more than 100 countries who are heading towards promoting the real meaning of education in their future students and educators. IB offers an educational program at various levels, such as- IB Primary year’s program, IB middle year’s program, and IB Diploma program. The motto of this curriculum is to eradicate the rigidity of subjects’ choices. Under the Diploma program, personal as well as academic development is given importance. It is a rigorous program of two years intended to develop a student’s intellectual, emotional, personal, and social skills.

The mission of the IB diploma program is to offer education to high school students between 16 and 19 years. Their assessment consists 6 subjects, and their evaluation is done on the basis of their internal and external performance. These six subjects are sciences, humanities, first language, (English) second language ( French or Hindi), mathematics and a vocational subject fine arts, or any other vary from school to school. They are initially graded by their classroom teacher and then verified by an invigilator or external moderator. A combination of such subjects is unique in the sense because it opens the path to adopt a number of subjects of their choice. If someone wants to take physics and fine arts, one can definitely go for that and pursue their career. On the contrary to this, our traditional curriculum doesn’t allow this flexibility. Besides these subjects, Students of the Diploma program also need to take extra efforts in article writing and perform well in projects and assignments, which is a way to determine their practical knowledge and their ability to perform at grass root levels.

This kind of curriculum has become the need of the hour where the young generation is required to incorporate their knowledge with innovative skills and software knowledge. MIT Vishwashanti Gurukul is one such school in this league that has all the virtues mentioned above. It is among the best IB schools in Pune, where the true essence of learning is embedded. They have a well-developed infrastructure that boosts IBDP with all requisites. Their teachers have a good experience in their respective fields, and they focus on nurturing future minds, which are rational, logical, and critical. With the growing trend of globalization, we need students who may not be book worms but someone who is eager to explore and ascertain solutions on their own. Teachers at MIT Vishwashanti Gurukul act as facilitators which transform students from passive listener to active participants. Their classrooms are equipped with audiovisual aids that enhance learning in a fun and interesting way.

So you can surely trust MIT Vishwashanti Gurukul for the bright future of your ward where all adequate steps are taken to polish their mind to perform in a challenging situation and face them dauntlessly.

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