Future Prospects of IB Education for your Child in India

The term IB stands for International Baccalaureate, which is a non-profit educational foundation found in 1968 in Geneva. Founded in Geneva, IB education has now received international acceptance. There are mainly four programs that IB offers named as
• Primary Years Program (PYP)
• Middle Year Program (MYP)
• Diploma Program (DP)
• Career-Related Program (CP)

Students aged between 3 to 12 studies under PYP, students aged between 11 to 16 years are under MYP, whereas DP and CP are for students aging from 16 to 19.

How does an IB education assures a better future?

Among different educational boards, IB is standing out due to its extraordinary learning patterns that are helpful in teaching students the core of every subject. Well, there are a few points that justify well how IB schools are different, and they should be chosen.

• Focus on core motive

IB focuses on the core motive and has a different set of values, which is lacking in the other boards. Students don’t tend to understand the core of a subject; instead, they focus on higher grades. IB wants students to have curiosity regarding different aspects by questioning everything they see around. This is one of the major reasons that there are so many IB schools in all major and metropolitan cities.

• Provides a 360-degree perspective to students.

IB enables students to analyze local and global perspectives and provides students with exposure. Contrary to other national and state educational systems, IB highly provides 360 perspectives to students to better comprehend various issues.

• IB strives to make students global citizens.

IB strives for students to become multilingual and bust all the language barriers, and better understand the world. In addition, people who are multilingual tend to have better exposure to different countries and their cultures.

• IB system emphasis over the research-based study

The IB system’s main motive is to educate students with a research-based approach instead of sticking to the country-specific education systems. Students who are willing to go for higher studies abroad should be choosing for the IB system for better comprehension.

• Helps with higher competitive exams.

IB board tends to educate students so efficiently that IB students can crack the difficult competitive exams such as aptitude based exams. With critical thinking and 360 perspectives, IB students possess critical thinking that helps crack different competitive exams.

• IB students are a step ahead of others

When comparing students of different boards, IB is the one to shine on top. Learning the concepts instead of cramming them, IB helps with students’ improved performance in academics and extracurricular activities. Many parents are enrolling their children in the finest IB schools to attain the finest results.

There are various IB schools in India, but MIT Vishwashanti Gurukul is the ideal choice to make if you are searching for the best one. It is one of the leading names in the list of Top IB Schools in Pune. The highly qualified staff with great experience tends to provide top-notch education using unique learning methods. A proper routine is scheduled for students to help them develop sincere behavior and have discipline. The MIT Vishwashanti Gurukul School’s superior study programs are incredibly helpful in strengthening their strengths and improving their weaknesses. Enrolling students in the finest institute will certainly surpass parents’ expectations and enable children to have a brighter future.

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