Student of Gurukul - Ahan Sharma's 'The Fortnightly Chronicles' Vol I

"Ideas are like seeds; they are in abundance; but only a few take root, make shoot and grow" ~ Ash

Such was a small seed of an idea in Ahan Sharma's mind right after the e-exhibition 2019-20. Only when it was watered with support from his parents and guidance from the school team , it started to germinate.

The Fornightly Chronicles Vol I is all about the great works of the PYP graduating class of 2020.

This newsletter welcomes contributions from the students of current grade 5 only. Owned by Ahan, he is the acting editor of the newsletter.

The aim to publish this newsletter is to let the world know about the innovative, creative and unique ideas, thoughts, words and actions of the students of Vishwashanti Gurukul.

As they move higher in MYP, the same will continue along with new students who join their batch.

"Ideas being the seeds of inventions, actions are their fertilizers". Debashish Mridha

Let us cultivate each bright idea from our students and create a forest of trees.