Value Education session – ISCKON

Value Education session – ISCKON

The Value for the month of August  – Care and Respect for Our Motherland.

It was our privilege to have the ISCKON Gurujis conduct the Value Education session on the value ‘Care and Respect for Our Motherland’ on the 27th August, Saturday in the afternoon for all our MYP and PYP students in our school.

The session began with a ‘kirtan’ and it was a beautiful sight to see all our children engrossed and very prayerfully participating in the same. The Gurujis shared how our Indian culture is valued all around the world. They highlighted India’s rich heritage, culture and shared anecdotes to bring out the message that India is valued as a rare diamond throughout the world.

The Gurujis took a very interactive session and shared their insightful knowledge on the value to take care of and respect our motherland. The gurujis asked the students to make a list of plastic items used by them on a daily basis, and to their surprise the list was exhaustive. The students were suggested to think about how they can avoid using plastic in their day-to-day lives. The Gurujis recommended the students to make one small change in their lives and if possible, replace plastic bottles with metal bottles or use a metal tongue cleaner or wooden toothbrushes, emphasizing on taking a small step to bring about a big change. The students were alarmed to see the harm caused by plastic waste to our environment and water bodies and realize that plastic takes around 100-200 years to degrade. The takeaway message for the students was to avoid usage of plastic as far as possible, and use paper or cloth bags instead of plastic.

Then the Gurujis shared about the glory of ancient Indian trees and gave each student a handout on the medicinal value of the four most important trees. Peepal, Amla, Neem & Tulsi

The Gurujis shared their plans to bring saplings of these four most important trees, which will be planted by the students. The students will share the responsibility of taking care of these plants to ensure that they grow into huge trees.

The session for the PYP  students was conducted in the MYP block. The Gurujis showed videos on life within universe and animal kingdom focussing on their intelectual aspect. The Gurujis also distributed handouts with beautiful drawings of the image of Lord Krishna in Vrindavan amidst the attractive natural pictureque environment to be coloured by the PYP students. The session was concluded by the Gurujis conducting ‘kirtan’ which the students enjoyed and participated in enthusiastically.

The Gurujis had brought baked cookies as ‘prasad’ for all the students which the students were happy to receive. Overall, it was a fruitful session as the students got an opportunity to learn valuable life lessons from the ISCKON Gurujis.

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