Heartfulness Meditation Session

Heartfulness Meditation Session



As a part of the Value Education Programme a relaxation session was organised for our MYP students focussing on the needs for meditation. As we wanted our students to experience how to relax and calm their minds so that they are able to build their inner strength and self-confidence to cope with the challenges they face as a student.

We were privileged to have two volunteers Ms. Rashi Kathuria and Ms. Aastha Pachauri with us, who conducted the session on the importance of relaxation, share the importance of meditation, and how one can calm one’s mind. 


The session began with an interactive icebreaker game to help the guests to get acquainted with the students. The students were asked what challenges they face as a student and what qualities they need to perform better and be successful as a student. The students shared that they need a good memory and the power to concentrate. They shared that the biggest challenge they face is that they are not able to manage time and focus on a given task.

At that point, the importance of how to control one’s mind was shared and activity was conducted asking the students to close their eyes and concentrate on one thought for two minutes. It was surprising to see that most of us students as well as teachers were not able to focus on one thought because our mind is like a monkey jumping from one branch to the other.

The session concluded with a guided relaxation session asking the students to  sit in a comfortable posture and close their eyes. 

Overall, it was a very interactive and fruitful session and the students shared their interests and stated that they are looking forward to many more such sessions.

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