Creativity and artistic expression of every individual is one of main beliefs that has driven us to create an all embracing environment at Vishwashanti Gurukul.

We firmly believe and nurture talents that emerge from Visual & Performing Arts.

Using various learning methods like lectures, workshops, participation in competitions and schools, students are encouraged to explore their strengths in Visual Arts in the form of design, drawing, art and craft.

Students are also supported in the pursuit of Performing Arts. We provide training & skilled guidance for Music (piano, drums, guitar, violin and Tabla) and Dance (Bharat Natyam, Kathak and Contemporary).

As the students learn sketching, singing, playing simple musical instruments and dancing, right from the primary school, they are well-rounded personalities who have the necessary skill set & option to pursue a career in the artistic domain as per their choice.

Kalaghoda Art Festival

The Cradle of Creation

Concept: Everything starts and ends with a dot. Everything in between is a series of dots. Everything that surrounds us is a dot. You could easily say that it is the vital element in nature.

According to Hinduism, Bindu is considered to be the point at which creation begins and eventually unifies. It is also described as "the sacred symbol of the cosmos in its unmanifested state." The Bindu is the point around which the mandala is created and it represents the manifestation of the universe.

In this installation we have represented the beginning in a form of an egg (the backdrop). The energy, vitality, Gati (speed) and the power that the dot harnesses are represented with a horse. In Hindu mythology, Kalaki who rides a horse is considered as the 10th incarnation of Lord Vishnu, who will come (reincarnate) to bring destruction to all evil. The black horse symbolises the end, as well as a new beginning, the closing of an old door and the opening of a new one.

The circular form above the horse represents the Mandala - The universe. Before the universe even began, it was simply a dot. The ornaments that dangle represent the different forces and entities that create and form the universe.

Materials used: Balls, paper mache, old and found materials such as Jali (used for fencing), CDs, bells, washers, batons, cycle wheel, tyre, used foam board,etc.

Contributing Students from MIT Pune’s Vishwashanti Gurukul IB World School:

Grade 11:

Shruti.K, Naishee.S, Priyal.D,Yashashhri.M, Pratik.G, Tushar.B, Atharva Bhavake, Dhruv.G, Peony.J, Maitreya.P, Samarah.J, Atharva Bhosale, Suhani.M, Shriya.M, Gayatri.M,Rucha.R, Zara.D

Grade 8:

Marushka.R, Nidhi.K, Aanya.D