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With more than a decade long commitment of providing students the best of holistic learning, Vishwashanti Gurukul is stepping into its 11th academic year with more enthusiasm, passion & zeal.

Our alumni network is widespread and we take pride in our students. From Australia to Dubai, The Netherlands to Korea, Canada to Mumbai - our students have been placed successfully all over the world.

Making a mark in diverse domains, Vishwashanti Gurukul alumni are now carving a niche for themselves as Business Managers, Designers, Film makers, Engineers, Medical Practitioners etc.

These global citizens share one common thing that binds them together- their immense love & pride for Vishwashanti Gurukul and the memories associated.

To strengthen this further, we wish to create The Gurukul Alumni Association which will provide a platform for all past VGS students all over the world to connect & grow. Through Alumni meets & programmes, we intend to recognize professional and social achievements of Gurukulians (with awards like ‘Jewels of Gurukul’) as well as inspire the upcoming batch of students.

To be a part of the association, download the Alumni Registration Form :  Download form

Mail the registration form at

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