What is the role of school in the development of an Individual?

School performs a crucial act in every child's life because it teaches us about the world around us and perfectly prepares us for future success. It is a school where a child spends a sizeable amount of time. It accompanies an individual from their childhood until their grown-up age. Due to that, the school has a great helping hand behind the development of the child. It assists in the overall growth and personality development of children.

The role of schooling begins from pre-school and continuous throughout the whole childhood in influencing a child's growth. So, we are presenting here how a schooling phase plays a significant role in children's overall growth and development.

  • Positive Interaction: During the schooling phase, the child learns how to interact with other people, fellow students, and teachers. They learn how to build a positive and healthy relationship, even developing them via social interactions.
  • Character Building: Edification of Character is a priority and subsidiary part of academic achievement, instead of an alternative of it. From the very start of the schooling journey, the school offers lessons on writing, reading, and even arithmetic. Besides, it focuses on assisting children in learning about love, respect, integrity, harmony, and compassion.
  • Social Development: School is an ideal avenue for the social development of any children. Just like, when a child plays in the school playground, he/she learn how to play in coordination with the team. Even though outside of the class, they learn several valuable skills like work ethics, social skills, good behavior, and even so forth while gaining personal development wisdom.
  • Explore New Things: Children have a desire to learn and explore new things from their friends, classmates, teachers, and surrounded people. School is the only place where they can achieve smart and positive life skills. During school life, they never stop learning and exploring their new and creative ideas. It continues till the time an individual alive.
  • Widening Horizons: When a child studying with different age-group mates coming from different wide places irrespective of their color, religion, class, or creed, broaden and boosted their mental horizon.
  • Build Confidence and Vocal: When a child learns things in school, he finds it easier to talk with other people. He/She becomes more vocal and even more confident in sharing his/her thoughts and ideas. In the future, a child will able to raise voice for his/her own rights and conditions in his community.

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