Ways to foster discipline in a school

Discipline is one of those essential virtues that are needed to succeed in life. However, one cannot learn discipline in a day. A person develops discipline gradually. One of the best ways to develop discipline is from the school itself. In a school, a child learns a lot that would be beneficial for his/her adult life ahead. Discipline is one of those virtues that are implanted in a child in school. School plays a crucial role in inculcating discipline in a child as a child spends 6 or more hours of the day in school. So, the school should focus on creating an effectual learning environment where proper discipline is maintained by the teachers so that the students can also learn discipline. Here are some ways by which discipline can be fostered in school:

1. Parental Involvement:

The very first teacher of a child is his/her parents who can make a big change in the behavior of the child and motivate him/her. Some policies are instituted by the schools for teachers whereby they should have regular contact with the student’s parents apart from the mid-term or end-term meetings. Parental involvement can affect the student’s performance positively or negatively but at the same time, it can be a solution to various classroom issues.

2. Build a reputation for fairness

In a school, every student must be treated equally. Through effective reliability and headship, a student must believe that for maintaining disciplinary actions, teachers, as well as the administrative staff, treats every student equally. However, there are circumstances when some indulgent actions or adjustments are to be made for particular students, hence, in those times even the mischievous ones should be treated fairly.

3. Practice effective follow-through:

An effective control among the students by the teacher is necessary in a classroom for proper and enhanced discipline. For this, consistency is required. For an instance, if class’ misbehavior is ignored by the teacher even once, the delinquency may increase. If the administration too fails to take any action further, they may lose control over the class.

4. Create and enforce a discipline plan:

The school provides the students with discipline plan which will inform them about the consequences of misbehaving. To avoid the chances of any misbehavior, effective classroom management should come into action for the students to understand the steps to follow under the discipline plans. Effective teacher training programs and their execution will give rise to fair behavior standards.

5. Provide Alternative Education Opportunities:

Every class has a child who continuously disturbs the entire class. However, every student seeks an environment which is fresh and controlled so that he/she can study without any distraction. Some students who are stubborn and cannot improve their behavior, should be removed from the class. These students should be sent to another or the school can also consider shifting intelligent students to a new class.

6. Establish Leadership:

It is the principal and the coordinator of the school who plays a major role in maintaining discipline. Without their consistency, the teachers may fail to support discipline or get disciplinary actions to be followed thereby leading to increment in the student’s misbehavior over a period of time.

Closing notes

These were some ways by which discipline can be maintained in schools. At MIT Vishwashanti Gurukul, we believe in creating not just scholars but well-balanced individuals. That is why, we make sure that along with academic excellence, each of our students is disciplined. We follow guru shishya-parampara in the vicinity of the school so teachers act as the sole mentors for the students and students, in turn, follow their gurus obediently. In this way, we ensure discipline is maintained at all times in the school. So, if you want your child to study in best international school in Maharashtra, then send him to MIT Vishwashanti Gurukul.