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Creativity, Action & Service - CAS

“Man does not learn by intellect alone. That is one powerful reason why involvement in human needs and personal encounters with social problems are vital if we are going to develop concerned young citizens.” This opening statement from CAS Activities Handbook for IB Schools is the basis for the CAS (Creativity, Action, and Service) component for the International Baccalaureate Diploma.

CAS is to IB Diploma what soul is to body. IBDP's rigorous academic program has CAS at it’s core. By means of CAS IBO, Vishwashanti Gurukul is attempting to let our children of present become better, peaceful and caring individuals of the future.

The CAS programme requires and encourages the students to:

Meet challenges and record minimum requirement of 150 hours for the IB Diploma. However they are expected to go beyond the figure of 150 hours as CAS in its spirit is not bound by numbers.

Continuous participation in CAS activities is expected from the IBDP candidates over the period of two years.

All students must observe a minimum of 50-hour in creativity, action and service.

A single activity in creativity or action may count for no more than 30 hours during a student’s two-year CAS program to encourage diversification.

Students have to document their hours in their CAS journals and obtain necessary signatures for approval from supervisors and CAS coordinators.

Activities that lead to academic benefits or for which the student is paid may not be counted as CAS hours.

Current CAS activities at Vishwashanti Gurukul, an IB World School

Currently a variety of activities have been planned and scheduled for the diploma students at Vishwashanti Gurukul. Ample opportunities are present for bringing out the innate creativity of the Children.

They can chose from glass painting, flower making, MUN, Drama for their routine activities and apart from this they are provided opportunities for creative activities in camps and special events like “March for a Cause”, treks, etc. The student’s creativity will be stimulated and challenged comprehensively in the forth coming CAS camps.

The school's physical education schedule has been molded to allow the diploma students to pursue various sporting activities. Presently they are involved in football, basketball, volleyball, throw ball and treks. They will also be part of a CAS camp which will bring out the true sprit of action and adventure in them by means of various action adventure activities.

They recently undertook an adventurous 10 kilometer trek to Seigh Garh fort which is situated amidst beautiful mountain forests. All DP students have to engage in activities that are a service to the school, local and global communities. In Vishwashanti Gurukul they have been visiting homes for deprived and needy, engaging in literacy drives, awareness drives and engaging in environmental concern activities. In addition to this the students also help juniors in studies and organize activities for them.

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