On 27th January 2020, 60 students of grade XI accompanied by 6 teachers embarked on their first edutour for CAS to Pench with the Foliage outdoors. The trip started with a quick flight from Pune to Nagpur and on our road journey to Pench, the students got an opportunity to get in touch with the roots. The stop at Deolapar’s Gau Vigyan Kendra helped them understand the importance of Cow and how it gives us more than just milk. This is where they got the chance to do their first service and action component when they cleaned the cow sheds, helped with bio composting as well as organized the library. They also enjoyed the simple organic meal that was served at this humble place. Day 1 ended with students being divided in three group when we reached the Pench Jungle Home resort and group 1 moving on to their first night safari.

The second day saw the students interacting with the potters from all potters (Pachchdar) village and also connecting with students of grade IX and sharing their experiences and study techniques as well as helping them gain confidence with team building exercises and games. Soon after the students made their own pots and participated in team building exercises back at the resort,

when group 2 went for their night safari. These exercises did make them realize that they did not know each other well and communication was very weak between them.

Day 3 and 4 saw the students go for their first morning safari to the core area of the forest and most of our students got lucky when they saw the famous ‘Collarwali’ Tigress taking a kill back to her cubs. The trips to the buffer and core areas of the jungle built a healthy respect for the flora and fauna and the ecosystem. There was a lot of excitement in the students pursuing ESS and Biology as they could make connections to what they had learnt in the class. The foliage team had arranged sessions on basic first aid, camera trapping, bio mimicry and interacting with the tribal people.

The trip ended with a stop to Deeksha Bhumi , the edutour was what it promised to be. It helped make the connections with what was learnt in the past and learn something new about themselves as well as the enriching law of the jungle that we see transcend in our lives too.