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Gurukul Team

Mr. Venu Gopal - Principal of MIT

Mr. Venu Gopal - Principal

Mr I. Venugopal is associated with school since its inception. He is a University Topper with a Masters degree in Statistics, specialising in Econometrics and Demography. He has a passion for teaching Mathematics and Statistics across all grade levels including graduates and post graduates, acquiring expertise in teaching CIE / IB Curriculum for more than a decade. He has a strong inclination towards sports with the firm belief that sports promote team work, discipline,and a never-give-up attitude among other necessary life skills.

Mrs. Rama Shinde - Principal PYP

Mrs. Rama Shinde - Principal PYP

Mrs Rama has been there to guide and implement the Early Years and Primary years programme right from the inception of the school. She has done her post-graduation in Management. She ensures that the Curriculum is executed as per the standards and practices of IBO and incorporates all aspects of the Primary Years Programme (PYP). The Programme works to develop the whole personality of the child and builds within students the passion for learning. She feels that the children are the ambassadors of the programme. Teaching, learning, and sharing are her passions, with over 25 years of association with the MAEER’s MIT Group, she believes in nurturing the young children with love and care.

Mrs. Rama has undergone the various workshops conducted by IB Asia Pacific Region and has attended the IB Conference to groom her team members to deliver the best to budding learners. She is very fortunate to be selected and trained by IBO for IB Asia Pacific, PYP School Visiting Team Member/Leader. Mrs. Rama has worked with IBO for "Believe in India" project in June 2010. She is an active member in coordinating PYP Pune, IB school networking. Gregarious by personality, Mrs.Rama's forte lies in team building and achieving desired school growth.

Mrs. Evelynn Sheen Singh - IBDP Coordinator

Ms Evelynn, the IBDP coordinator of Vishwashanti Gurukul is a firm believer and doctor of the IB philosophy and principles. Her academic career along with her ongoing PhD in literature is dotted with many laurels; right from being a gold medalist at the university level to international paper publications. She has been equally successful in instilling this academic rigor in her DP students, which has been very instrumental in the students achieving top scores in the IBDP exams. As an educationist, she places the learner at the center and firmly believes in the school being a platform for all-round development. To this end she along with her team of teachers, constantly strives to inspire her learners to explore and hone their creative talents.

In the short span of her career, she has gone from being an IB subject examiner to being a team leader. She is also currently on the IB TOK curriculum review team. An ardent practitioner of the IB philosophy, she is a devout advocate of academic honesty. She continuously endeavours to maintain a culture for excellence by firmly upholding the principles of honesty, hard work and dedication on one hand and on the other enabling learners to creatively craft their growth journey.

Mr. Anil Ghodake - IGCSE Coordinator

Anil P. Ghodake is the IGCSE Coordinator and Cambridge Examinations officer who joined Vishwashanti Gurukul in 2010. He successfully completed his Bachelors degree in Education and Masters Degree in Botany from Amravati University with 14 years of teaching experience. He is a Cambridge as well as an IBDP certified Examiner and has attended Cambridge Conference, UK in September 2015. He has also attended a couple of workshop for both IBDP and Cambridge programme.

He is a mentor for Cambridge teachers and learners. Under his leadership the IGCSE result has shown consistent progress. Cambridge Inspectors during their last three visits, were completely satisfied with the implementation and conduction of the Cambridge Examinations as he is very meticulous in planning and implementation. He is instrumental in being a part of prestigious project ‘Leadership for Learning’ by University of Cambridge Education department. For this project only 16 schools have been chosen from 165 countries.

Mr. Anil is passionate about the holistic development of students’ learning and well-being. He has an unwavering commitment and passion for value-based approach to education which is the core of the Vishwashanti Gurukul.

Mrs. Prasuna Vemuri - PYP Coordinator

Mrs. Prasuna strongly believes in building character and imbibing values along with imparting the right knowledge. She is a passionate teacher and has remarkable experience in designing the learning sessions, planners and making use of the available experiences and resources for effective teaching.

Prasuna is associated with MIT Pune’s Vishwashanti Gurukul since its inception, and has been working as PYP Coordinator since 2011. As a Coordinator, she designed and conducted quite a few in-house Professional Development sessions for the teaching staff. The PYP exhibitions have been a great success, divulging a lot of learning experiences to the students.

Prasuna has been associated with IB–PYP programme for past 15 years and an active member during the various authorization and evaluation processes of the International Schools. She is a member of IB Educators Network and holds the roles of IB Workshop Leader and Visiting Team member. She has conducted workshops at Regional level and also at in-school level. She has been a visiting member of IB for authorizing the schools.