Factors that limit the effectiveness of school

A school is one such place where a student learns a lot and prepares for the future life ahead. With the help of teachers and the administrative staff, a student is molded in the setup of a school. It is the role of every school to impart education, life skills, knowledge, wisdom and intelligence to the student. However, not all schools are able to achieve their intended purpose. In a school, apart from a person’s control, there are various factors which can affect its effectiveness. Here are certain factors which should be controlled to make the school effective:

1. Poor Attendance:

One of the most basic factors which affect the school’s effectiveness or more precisely a teacher’s effectiveness is the shortage of attendance. The right effort of a teacher is not seen unless every student is present in the class. Even if the student can make up for the work at home, but taking leave from the school can affect his development as well as his teacher’s effectiveness.

2. Student Discipline:

In a school, every teacher and the staff members have to deal with the discipline issues in different ways. Such issues are assumed to distract the class and make the students miss their valuable time. Misdemeanor of the students makes them lose their learning time which may indeed lead to suspension. However, such discipline issues are to be seen stripping down the school’s effectiveness, even though no matter how strict the school’s policies are.

3. Lack of Respect

Earlier, people respected teachers in terms of their knowledge and their profession. But, now it has lost its importance as people are taking it casually. Not only the students but also their parents take education as well as the teacher’s words very lightly. And later on, they blame the school authorities for their child’s rude behavior or misconducts. If there is a lack of respect in a school for the teachers by the students, then the effectiveness of the class will automatically reach to its lowest level.

4. Bad Teachers:

It is not always the students who limit the school’s effectiveness but sometimes, unproductive teachers also affect the effectiveness of the school. A teacher plays a very important role in molding a student career and preparing him for his independent life. But if the teacher is incompetent, even a potential child’s morale will be lost and he will not gain anything from the school. Thus, it is the administration’s duty to hire competent teachers who can handle the students, who are knowledgeable and know how to motivate and mold the students.

So, these were the factors that affect the effectiveness of the school. We at MIT Vishwashanti Gurukul make sure that all these factors are eradicated. We select the faculty members after several rounds of selection process. We select only those teachers who are experienced and have knowledge about the IB curriculum. Being an IB school, we follow a value based education system in school. Our teachers use advanced learning tools to engage the students which makes sure that they take interest in class and absenteeism is avoided. In our school, we inculcate Indian ethos and values where the students learn to respect their gurus. In fact, guru-shishya parampara is the real essence of our school. All these factors make MIT Vshwashanti Gurukul the best international school in Maharashtra.