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About Pune

The cultural capital of Maharashtra

Located along the foothills of the Sahyadris near the west coast of India in Maharashtra, Pune is a bustling city with a pleasant climate all year round. Referred to as `Queen of Deccan’, Pune is located approximately 170 km south-east of Mumbai and has been the cultural capital of Maharashtra. It offers a mix of the modern intertwined with the old. It is one of the biggest industrial towns of India. It is also called as the ‘automobile city’, owing to the presence of several automobile majors here.

Pune is home to many educational institutions. English is the main language on campuses and is also widely spoken and understood in the city. The large student body due to the presence of these colleges is one of the reasons for the growing economy of the city especially the retail and real estate sectors.

Pune is among the few places in the country which have a great historical tradition and a wonderful geographical location. Almost four centuries ago it came on the political map as a place where patriotic fervour and strong nationalism began taking roots. Great legends in Indian history unfolded here – of brave warriors, of staunch patriots, of great social reformers, of artists and artisans of great talents, of saints and sages excelling in spiritual teachings and cultural renaissance – to make Pune a “synthesis between modern science and ancient wisdom”.

The seat of the great Maratha power three centuries ago, Pune today is a place of educational advancement, technological prosperity and cultural exchange. It is the seat of thriving manufacturing industry - especially engineering and automobile. It is a hub of IT, BPO & ITES businesses. The city’s skyline, which years ago was dotted with temples, forts, mountains ranges has several new additions in the form of new temples of learning.