Best IB boarding schools in the World

The International Baccalaureate (IB) is a program at the global level and recognized by more than 130 countries to train students' minds in such a way so they can excel in multiple dimensions by shaping their physical, mental, and emotional growth at a very young age. In these present times, when we are heading towards globalization and integration, a unified education system has become the need of the hour because it polishes them in a way that they are not confined to their geographical territory, but their window opens at the global level so that they can learn, earn, and settle without any barrier and obstruction.

In India, we have many educational boards at the school level. Some of the most prominent one are- CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education), ICSE, and other state boards like U.P Board, Bihar board, and Tamil Nadu board. IB is a new emerging educational organization that is regarded as prestigious and lucrative. It came up with many programs and initiatives which focus on building analytical skills, brainstorming, and problem-solving skills, boost confidence among them and encourage them to take decisions on their own so they explore the latent things which enrich their scientific approach and makes them curious to enquire about things.

It prepares their foundations which help them to face real-life issues gallantly and they will be able to do justice with their profession at a later stage. So we can say IB is a better option in the current scenario. It is the best option for the parents who goes to different countries due to professional reason because IB education prepares their child at the global level because of its integrated approach. For universities, it becomes difficult to compare and evaluate students from different boards and curriculum so in this case IB serves its purpose of making a unified curriculum structure. There are a large number of best IB boarding schools in the world which are flourishing to cater to the new demands at the national and international level.

The most remarkable feature of IB educational system is that students have many subjects’ options like they can choose six subjects in 10+2:

  • English
  • Second Language (Hindi, French, Spanish)
  • One Humanity
  • One Science
  • One Mathematic
  • One Performing Art.

Students at the age of sixteen are very young and not mature enough to decide what they want to become in their life. So this curriculum opens many doors for them, suppose a student pursuing medical or engineering can take an arts subject in the future and find a career in there. There are number of best IB boarding schools in the world where students have the opportunity to learn beyond classrooms and books. They are given many tasks and challenges by teachers and are assessed in the whole curriculum.

If you are looking forward to admitting your child to an IB affiliated school, then MIT Vishwashanti Gurukul international school should be your preference. The school have reached their zenith and have proven to adopt the new structure successfully. Here the teachers are well trained with the ideals of IB and possess updated knowledge of information and technology. It is among the well- known IB schools in Pune and presented a good example of how IB is taking students.