Why IB board is the best for your child?

Do you want your child to be an educated, responsible and an informed individual? Do you want your child to be trained to skillfully handle future challenges and technological advancements? If so, then you should teach your child in an international school that follows the IB curriculum.

As a parent, you always want the best for your child. That is why you want your child to obtain education from a reputed school that acts as a catalyst in shaping his/her career. However, merely imparting knowledge and sharpening the talent of students is not what you should expect from a school. The school should also provide value-based education so that your child turns out as a responsible individual with a strong character. This is where IB board has an edge over other educational boards.

What is an IB board?

International Baccalaureate (IB) is a system of education established by the International Baccalaureate Organization, Geneva, Switzerland with an endeavor to provide education of global standards to widespread schools all over the world. The curriculum of IB board is comprehensive and necessitates imparting value-based education. It aims at honing the talents of the students while teaching them to exercise their classroom learning in the outer world. Greater emphasis is laid on creating global citizens who are rooted in their culture and heritage. It creates critical thinkers, lifelong learners and responsible citizens who are aware of the status-quo, well-versed with technology and knowhow to exploit it for the benefit of mankind. IB board imbibes positive mindset thereby creating balanced individuals.

Benefits of IB board

Apart from offering a high level of education, there are several other benefits of the IB board:

1. Global acceptance

IB board follows international educational standards, so the students can easily get admissions in international colleges and universities. IB board students enjoy a higher acceptance rate over students of other boards.

2. IB students are risk takers

The IB students are trained to experiment new strategies and to cultivate innovative ideas & thoughts without bothering about the uncertainties. They are taught to stick to their beliefs and defend them. The IB students face adverse situations and uncertainties without getting afraid.

3. IB students have global knowledge

The curriculum of IB includes knowledge of those concepts and topics that are significant both in the local as well as the global space. This facilitates the students to acquire intensive knowledge and comprehensiveness in diverse disciplines.

4. It creates open-minded individuals

The IB students are taught to value the people and culture around them. They acknowledge and understand the values, religious sentiments, historical background, culture and perception of others. They learn from every experience and grow with it.

5. IB students are ethical

IB board follows a value-based education system. It imbibes ethical values in the students so that they perform all their tasks with honesty and integrity. The students are taught to respect everyone whether an individual or a community.

6. IB students are creative and critical thinkers

The education system of the IB board motivates the students to employ their creativity and ingenious thinking in solving daily problems.

So, these were some of the benefits of the IB board. These clearly point out that the board is totally apt for the ever-changing world as it prepares the students to face future challenges while imbibing in them the moral values. If you too want your child to grow up as a well-balanced individual, then you should send your child to an international school. MIT Pune’s Vishwashanti Gurukul is one of the best IB schools in Pune, so you should send your child to this reputed school without a second thought.