Benefits of meditation for students

MIT Vishwashanti Gurukul (MIT-VG) is among the top boarding schools in India which aims at holistic development of the students. Here, emphasis is given on academics along with moral value, life skills, personality development and other activities. We believe in preparing the students to face the challenges of life. At MIT Vishwashanti Gurukul, students follow a fixed schedule, where meditation holds a significant position.

Yes, we believe meditation can do wonders. Meditation is an essential activity that should be performed by a student on a daily basis. The benefits of meditation for students are countless ranging from health benefits to enhanced academic performance. At MIT Vishwashanti Gurukul, one of the top residential schools in India, we encourage meditation session for students in

order to reduce their stress and to enable them to lead a healthy life.
Here are a few benefits that students can gain through meditation:

Rise in IQ level

The mind of every student is not less than that of Einstien but the difference is with IQ levels. Increase in IQ level leads to enhanced ability to think differently in every situation. Meditation increases the IQ level of the students and encourages them to think differently. Increased IQ level aids students to perform extraordinarily in every situation of life.

Maintain a healthy relationship

If students are not comfortable with their inner self, how can they maintain a healthy relationship with their seniors or mentors? No matter how much confident students look in front of others, but if they are not comfortable from their heart and soul, it will restrict them to reach the zenith. Building a relationship requires trusting others but before that, one should trust himself/herself. With personality development sessions, students learn how to build relationships with others and with themselves.

Reduce academic stress

The syllabi and competition in today’s education system are quite challenging thereby leading to mental stress among the students. So, it is very important for the students to meditate regularly in order to get rid of all the stress.

The pressure of scoring high grades results in mental stress. However, meditation helps students by enhancing their focus, concentration and alertness. So, the students are able to perform well in their exams.

Improve academic performance

According to a study, 41% of the students who meditate on a regular basis have benefitted with improvement in academic performance, especially in subjects such as Mathematics and English.

Better focus

Meditation helps students in calming down their minds. This helps them to cope up with all the situations and find solutions to the problems.

Reduce depression

Depression is one of the most common problems among the students in today’s time, which is resultant of increasing competition. In the race of scoring higher, students are getting into the trap of depression. However, mediation is the best solution to keep depression away.

Reduction in destructive addiction

Another major problem among the students nowadays is growing addiction towards destructive items like alcohol and drugs. This addiction is caused due to ever-increasing competition around them. Students who are unable to cope up with such situations, use drugs to calm their minds. However, the students who meditate regularly keep drugs at bay and lead a healthy lifestyle.

Better behavior

The mind of the students who meditate daily remains calm. So, they exhibit good behavior. Mediation helps them to reduce stress. Such students behave well with their teachers and classmates.

Lower risk of cardiovascular disease

Mediation is a good treatment for cardiovascular disease. In fact, meditation helps in preventing cardiovascular diseases. Regular meditation lowers the risk of cardio problems.

Happier and more confident

Meditation leads to a happy life and increases confidence level of the students.