MIT Gurukul - Admissions - FAQ



Frequently Asked Questions by the Parents Community .

  • Why a residential school?
  • Every visionary family, would like to send their children to the best of residential schools. To be a successful individual a person needs an opportunity to develop holistically. The secret of successful individuals is their tremendous self-confidence, decision-making ability, and leadership qualities. A child’s overall development, education, personality development, leadership qualities and rich values and culture will be the deciding factor for real success in life. Every child is bestowed with these latent potentialities which remain suppressed due to over protection of parental care. Residential schools help children become independent and responsible individuals who have good self-management skills. This is where quality residential schools offer a good multi-platform.

  • What is the right age to send a child to a residential school?
  • A child needs immense parental care till the age of five as emotional stability is nurtured in the child during this stage. The qualities and emotional balance can be instilled by the parents during this age only. The right age for children to join residential schools is six, wherein the child is enjoying childhood and forming habits. A Residential School helps children to develop into independent mature adults enabling them to adjust to all types of situations and environment later in life.

  • Who will take care of my child at the school?
  • A residential school is a home away from home, and the school acts as a family unit where teachers replace parental love and the child is always under controlled conditions. The 24-hour watch by teachers and house parents creates an environment which imitates parental care. Constant monitoring and guiding helps the child to realize his/her potential and caliber. Residential schools aim at nurturing an environment in which children can develop self-esteem, self-confidence and develop their personality while acquiring knowledge.

  • Will my child become indisciplined?
  • The reason for a child being sent to a hostel is to instill in him discipline. Residential schools are best equipped to impart this mode of discipline as systems are in place 24 hours with qualified mentors/teachers. The 24X7 supervision by various faculties helps in channelizing the abundant energy in the child in positive developmental activities. The system ensures proper leadership and managerial qualities boosting their self-confidence and independence tremendously.

  • In what way is MIT Pune’s VGS, an IB World School different from other schools?
  • The School not only concentrates on the gentle unfolding of the total personality of children, it also provides academic excellence coupled with training to induce the right attitudinal change to develop in them the sense of service to others. VGS gives lot of emphasis to our culture and practices its noble principles like service, non-violence, respect to other religions, living in harmony with nature etc. It believes in Indian ethos and global outreach. It is a dream school project, inculcating positive learning habits to develop 21st century learners.

  • Where is the school located and how does one reach there?
  • MIT VGS is located in Pune, Maharashtra on Pune-Solapur road. Pune is well connected to the rest of the country by air, rail, and road. Regular flights, trains and bus services connect this city to other cities. For further information, visit contact details. Contact us

  • Which educational bodies is MIT VGS affiliated to?
  • The school is affiliated to the IB (International Baccalaureate) and IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education) University of Cambridge International Examinations – United Kingdom. English is the medium of instruction. TAISI and SAIBSA, various other well-known university are associated with the school.

  • Which are the grades for which admission can be sought?
  • The admission will be available for Nursery (Day Scholar only) to Grade Prep I to XI (Boarding option)

  • How can I register my ward’s name for admission?
  • Application forms can be either downloaded from the website or picked up from corporate offices\ or school campus. Filled in application forms with registration fees and photocopy of the report card of the previous grade to be submitted for the registration or you may also contact our admission representative through telephone or email.

  • What are the eligibility criterions for admission into MIT VGS?
  • MIT VGS would welcome inquiries from parents in India and Non Residential Indians. For foreign students, admissions are opened from Grade I onward, so that the child can adapt to the Indian School environment easily. Entrance test is mandatory (from Grade VI onward) so as to understand the child’s knowledge of the subjects.

  • When does the academic session start at MIT VGS?
  • The school will re-open on the first week of July every year. The academic year continues upto April/May in the subsequent year. Please refer School Calendar on the website.

  • What is provisional admission?
  • For all Grade XI admissions, we make provisional admission, as the results of the grade X varies from within and outside country . After the results are out, the admissions would be confirmed.

  • What are the documents required for admission?
  • Application Form: Filled in Application for admission.
    b. Recent photographs: 12 copies of passport size colour photographs.
    c. Registration fee: A non-refundable demand draft payable in Pune or local account payee cheque in favour of MIT Vishwashanti Gurukul School.
    d. School Reports: Photocopies of the previous year and current year report card.
    e. Transfer Certificate/ LC: TC/ LC. to be submitted for all grades. For Grade X, XI admissions, T.C. to be countersigned by the concerned authority of the educational board.

  • Whom should I contact for further information?
  • Admission Department
    MIT Pune’s Vishwashanti Gurukul School,
    Rajbaug, Next to Hadapsar, Loni Kalbhor,
    Pune – 412201, Maharashtra, India.
    Tel: +91 020-39210000/176/159

  • How do I report for admission?
  • Candidates accompanied by parents or guardians are to report on the day notified by the school. Balance fees to be cleared. All the original documents like Promotion card, transfer certificate, in case of NRI- Passports to be submitted at the administrative office. They should report with their baggage’s, with belongings mentioned as per the things to be brought.

  • What will be the class strength in each grade?
  • The class strength for IB – PYP will be 18-20 & for MYP & IBDP will not exceed 25 students at each level.

  • What is teacher–taught ratio at MIT VGS?
  • MIT VGS has the best and highly accomplished faculty with proven abilities, our maximum teaching and non-teaching staff reside at school itself. We have quarters for all our staff at campus which enables them to give more time to the children. They would plan and supervise the after-school and extra-curricular activities and look after the general needs of the students. A small class size of 25 students ensure that staff is able to focus adequate time and attention on their students.

  • What is the school uniform?
  • The school will prescribe a definite dress code to instill a sense of belonging, camaraderie among fellow students. In addition, the uniform would induce a feeling of pride and appropriateness. School will provide a set of regular uniform for daily use . These uniforms are designed for comfort, elegance and utility.

  • Does the school give importance to culture and human values?
  • he school aims at exposing the students to various aspects of Indian culture and value system. We have special talks and make students participate in spiritual activities. Only by participating and experiencing, the students can imbibe values because values are not taught but demonstrated.

  • How is a student monitored if he is weak in particular subject(s)?
  • Academically weak students are meticulously observed and are made to follow a well devised regimen of learning pattern that helps them to overcome their weakness and join the main stream. On the basis of the monitoring, suitable tutoring and remedial classes are conducted wherein personalized tutoring ensures mapping of the child’s academic progress.

  • What is mentor scheme?
  • This is a unique scheme to bring excellent rapport between teachers and students. About 7-8 students would be assigned to the care of teacher, who acts as parent, records the progress and the attitudes of his/her wards and attends to their requirements- physical, academic and emotional. They are positive counselors too.

  • What kind of lab and library facilities are available at MIT VGS?
  • A modern library with a large collection of useful books, systematically classified will be available. A qualified librarian guides the children to have access to the required books. The library has good collection of audio/video cassettes CD’s and online resources . It will be kept open for long hours for the students to prepare for their activities like projects, symposia etc.

  • Are students provided with counseling and career guidance?
  • Apart from teachers, MIT VGS has the guidance of trained Placement counselor to help students in personal, academic and career guidance, also school invites the different university counselor at school campus.

  • Are students trained for competitive exams?
  • Coaching for SAT exams are conducted regularly during weekends. Support is provided for those students who wish to participate in different events.

  • What about the extra-curricular activities?
  • Co-curricular activities are almost as important as academics in moulding the all-round personality of the student. There is activity club to train students in the fields of drama, dance and music, painter’s gallery . Hobby clubs at boarding, to develop the thrills of making variety of things with their own hands. Yoga and meditation will also be regular feature of the school co-curricular programme.

  • When are the educational tours organised?
  • School believes that travel is the best teacher. Hence the school organises for both foreign and domestic tour. The students can opt for one of these tours. The cost of the tour is borne by the parents separately. The tours are organised usually before the mid vacation.

  • What are the measures taken to develop the overall personality of students?
  • Personality Development & leadership classes are conducted regularly in the curriculum and life skills sessions are conducted by the counseling team.